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  • Oh no spongehammer!! It appears that my tweaking gravity has made the flaming pipes impossible . I thought I'd caught all of the affected areas...!

    Give me a while and I'll fix it - I'm glad you like the rest though - thank you .

  • OK spongehammer, I think I've un-f>>>>d it! Let me know if you encounter anything else that's a little bit impossible . I am planning on adding key change options at a later date - it's normally one of those logic setups that I dread so I put it off until everything else is done, but I'll probably do that over the next week if you don't like how I've set it up...

    If you find that the game save logic doesn't work then you might have to clear cache and start again (!) but for now you can keyboard number-key shortcut to the various spawn positions if there's something you want to look at again.

    Keyboard 0 to 6 - shortcut to reset position

    NumPad 0 - clear browser cache

    Thanks again!

  • May I present user-configurable controls! Just for you, spongehammer . That was way harder to implement than it should have been. lol, having small people continuously breaking my concentration didn't help....

  • Colludium

    What a gentleman . Thanks

  • Colludium

    Er.. how do i alter them. Cant see any options. I have refreshed the cache a few times too ? I am sure its me just being a spud

  • spongehammer - lol - I guess I need to make my instructions slightly less unclear!!

    Firstly, just confirm you're running demo v1.0.0.54? That's the one that's loaded in my dropbox folder and is the latest demo version. Once that's checked, on the start-controls page just press the key you wish to change (ie Up Arrow) and it should become highlighted and flash, then select the new key you want to replace it with... It should stop you from doubling up controls etc.

    If that doesn't work, pressing Num 0 will delete the cache, just in case the old json has corrupted my rather poor logic. If you're trying to use Num 0 as a control key then that might be a problem... lol. I've just discovered that the number key sortcuts don't work in Firefox.... but they are ok in Chrome and IE. I love browser technology .

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  • Right i have sorted that now. At least on Chrome ( Firefox still insists on using the older version ). Bit of a problem when you die after crossing the collapsing bridge right at the start. When you re-start the bridge has gone and there is no way to proceed.

  • Uh oh.... That shouldn't happen! Let me do some checking and I'll get back to you....

  • Mmmm, spongehammer, although that shouldn't happen there was one area of my code that was weak and could have caused problems (although I'm not sure it would cause the missing bridge problem). I have adjusted the on-spawn code and hopefully you should never find the bridge down if you spawn from the start. It might have been a mismatch between the game-save data and the in-game loaded data being out of sync, caused by poor event triggering on my part. Could you please let me know if this still happens? Version number now Cheers.

  • still respawn at the beginning without the ark. Colludium

  • MadSpy & spongehammer, thank you gentlemen for your patience! I've redone the game-save/load logic and all of the previous problems in that area should now be fixed! I've also added access to more of level 2...

    Just of note, while bug/alpha testing I've elected to keep the start screen logic default, so even after a reset it will show you a Resume option. This is because the game save data indicates a point that is beyond the start of level 1.

    I hope you like it . Let me know where I can make improvements (beyond some background sounds and level detail, which I will work on later for sure). Cheers.


  • Colludium test passed !

    Now we can see other points.

  • Colludium

    A lot better. Only tried chrome so far but it all worked as expected which is great

    Just one thing of note for me is the characters eyes. They seem slightly disturbing somehow. I am no artist thats for sure and with the silhouette style i dont know what you could do. Maybe a little bigger?

  • spongehammer - thank you . I agree about the style of the eyes - I need to experiment a bit on the art (I used to think I was good at art, but this has proven my abilities don't match my expectations...). I need a style that says "different from Limbo but this character still feels a bit lost and vulnerable". Not an easy undertaking...

    Level 2 should be finished this week. Any ideas for level 3? I'm thinking over-ground, and maybe in some sort of out of town industrial location....

    Edit - eyes now altered in size and color, ever so slightly. Now less harsh, I think...

  • Industrial location sounds good. Makes me think of some of the derelict factories me and my brother played in as kids. I shudder at the thought now

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