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  • Ahhh I thought I recognised your name / avatar in my thread :} I remember checking this out but I can't see my comment in your thread.. weird.. obviously I got distracted (as usual) and never commented then.. hrmm

    You've added tonnes to it since I last saw it. I'll def give this a go later! The swimming looks a little off in that gif because the arms should be going back when the legs do, whereas you have the arms going forward as she swims down but otherwise looks cool!

  • procrastinator - thanks! And you're right now I think about it - all of the swimming animations were built from the first one I put together months ago (obviously not really thinking about it...!!). Looks like an excuse to get into Spriter again!

  • Been there, done that, got the t-shirts, opened a stall ;p but hey, at least spriter is fun! That's the part I'm looking forward to in my game :} Really hoping I can get a chance to sit down tonight to check your game out! Looks like I have quite a bit to check since last time

  • procrastinator

    We prepared to die !

  • procrastinator

    spongehammer - lol, this is quite a short demo, so you should be limited on the number of types of death you encounter...

    Swim animations updated, and the blends should be smoother now as well. I hope... Now to add some factory based stages x10.

  • A bar showing the remaining oxygen would be good .

  • MadSpy, yeah, I was thinking about something like that. Maybe an o2 remaining line would work, although I want to keep the display as clean and uncluttered as possible. What would you say about changing the color of the display / shrink the player's viewing window as the o2 is depleted?

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  • Death by piranha mk 2 (in level 1). No more crazy instant skeleton...

  • 1/ a progress bar is more readable than a screen effect ( and perhaps need fewer resources ) but don't have indication sticks better to the atmosphere for your game.

    2/ Your fish move strangely but are still dangerous

  • 2/ Your fish move strangely but are still dangerous

    LOL - yeah, I think I need to arrange for them to hang around / return more slowly once you're dead.

  • Currently , it looks like the teeth of an invisible jaw that closes on you ... scary

  • MadSpy

    I've uploaded a new version that now shows a countdown timer (of sorts). Let me know what you think (style / position etc). Thanks!!

    Edit to add an image:

  • Simple but effective. Much better ^^

    how did you do that? (the portion of circle)

  • MadSpy,

    I had a flash of inspiration and used R0J0hound 's rather awesome Canvas plugin. You can draw circles, arcs, and lines of any geometry - it's simply excellent!

  • ok, I thought you'd do that without plugin . ( the plugin is excellent by the way) . may be I will have no choice , I might be having to use it .

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