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  • Industrial location sounds good. Makes me think of some of the derelict factories me and my brother played in as kids. I shudder at the thought now

    Ha - yes! For me it's pure luck that I made it to adulthood (some would argue that I'm still not there yet).

  • OK y'all, update for the week... I've encountered a bug in c2!! Particles pinned to moving physics objects just vanish after a few seconds of the object moving; I've submitted a bug report and dearly hope that my project isn't corrupted somehow (!!!!).

    First off - I was in denial but I realize that the font I was using was hard to read (aptly morbid, but hard to read...) so I've made a change that I hope you like:

    I'm feeling positive about the particle bug (that feeling I have before something bad usually catches me unawares) so here's a teaser of something new that I had fun making:

  • played your alpha game there is a small glitch that lasts for like half a second, if you facing left or right and jump and while in air you keep pressed the opposite direction of character direction when landed the character will move forward 1 or 2 steps then stops and goes to the direction of arrows pressed it will be good if you could fix it , for near edge future game plays.

    how to recreate:


    in air if character facing left press and keep right arrow down

    in air if character facing right press and keep left arrow down

    when character lands will move the direction its facing at landing 2 steps in front then stops and goes towards arrow key direction

    also there is a slight problem with the game , when you try to jump under the bridge to next gap, it pushes u in front forcing you almost to fall in pit, its kinda annoying cause i want to explore

    overall of game looks awesome, keep at it and will become some big thing

    btw if will be a browser based game, you might want to lower ticks, the cpu utilization here is around 68 75% and i admit i don't have a to new computer, a i7 quad core 3.5 GHz only

  • - thank you for an awesome bug find and thanks for the feedback . This is going to be interesting bug to dig into and fix. I'm aiming for a NW distribution, and performance is my main concern because hardware varies so much between users (it doesn't sound like your machine's too low-spec!).

    Rolls sleeves up...

  • glad to help mate

    its not an low spec machine but not a top notch, the cpu usage was between 40-70% replayed it a few times, sometimes was spiking on Firefox pretty high but i guess by other 50 tabs was the fault! however, after i closed all and only played the demo, the cpu usage went and kept staying at 40% its pretty decent for a computer game, but if you can lower it at 25 30% cpu usage from what i have i think all sorts of pcs can play it!

    my spec machine, quad core i7 3.5ghz 1 gb vRAM 4 gb RAM and some poor SSD 512GB

    i hope i can update it soon i want a better machine, i want to be able to build a monster with my computer a damn 3d game but i lack power for renders and other stuff

  • Thanks ! I'm aiming for a dark, oppressive atmosphere with frustrating and satisfying puzzles to challenge your determination.

    I'm running an i7 laptop with hd4600 and it gives me about 50% CPU demand, which I think should be the max for a game like this.

    The complete level 2 will be out for testing this weekend, I hope, and maybe with the particle bug included until Ashley figures that one out. I've already fixed the land/walk animation problem. Thanks!

  • Minor update alert! I've posted the second half of level 2 for anyone who's interested; you now start half way through the level, so apologies if you've missed the first half but I'm quite happy with it's general design - it only needs a few extra sound effects to be good enough for beta IMO.

    As for the rest of the game, few bugs have been tidied up with the player's behavior and animation and the font has been changed. There are still a couple of random occasions where the animation blend doesn't work properly and it appears as a sudden change of position.... This is something for me to do over the weekend .

    I hope you enjoy! (off to start planning level 3...)

  • dude ... you're really vicious

  • The font is better for sure. Not too keen on the forced roll on landing though. Looks good but a couple of times i landed then rolled off the edge Might be just me though.

    It's hard and cruel .

    I hope she took a good hard look for her sister before embarking on this journey. Would be a bummer if she was at home hiding behind the sofa

  • I hope she took a good hard look for her sister before embarking on this journey. Would be a bummer if she was at home hiding behind the sofa

    Ha - yes! That could be the ending I was looking for! (Joke!!)

    If she lands from height and you have a left or right pressed them she rolls into a run; otherwise she just crouches on the spot.

  • Ha right. I knew it was me !

  • I'm having a swimmingly good time on level 3.... Not much to do with out of town factories yet, though.... I'm trying to mechanise floating obstacles and the like, now I think I have swimming sorted.

    I think I'll be OK as long as I don't become distracted by trying to make convincing under water sound effects, which are harder than I thought....

  • Try to use a heavy Low Pass filter, EQ and reverb on your original sound

  • MadSpy, thanks. I'm trying to use c2 audio effects - any experience with them? I might post a how do I question. I have a filter set up for application when you submerge, it just doesn't sound excellent... Cheers.

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  • It took me a long time to teach my character how to swim . I think we're just about there, although some of the animation blends still need a bit of smoothing (there is something that feels a intermittently glitchy about the animation blends in spriter, but only sometimes....).

    I've uploaded the first part of level 3; it's quite hard, I think... But hopefully not too difficult .

    I am considering making this the last game demo so I can focus on making the rest of the game without giving all of my secrets away. Alpha and beta testers are always welcome, however . You know who you are!

    Here's a glimpse of the swimming mech:

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