[closed] Umbra... Now available on Steam

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  • Colludium

    Wow that looks like it could be a game in its self Watch out Mad Max!

  • spongehammer - thanks! I've been having a good think about the game's levels now I've made this - because crashing a truck is more fun than falling off a rope! An incentive to progress, maybe?

  • A cloud has appeared over Umbra game-dev land. A dark and oppressively-angry looking cloud...

    I am experiencing a problem with Spriter that has stopped my game's progress.... Like any good paranoid developer I have been collecting zip archives of all of the important source files for my game every few days. Just recently I found that if I imported the player spriter .scml into c2 it caused c2 to delete all of the player's image objects. After some investigaing I've learned that simply importing a newly saved version of the project into c2 does not work. Even importing the Spriter file into a blank c2 project shows the same bug, so it's almost certainly a problem in Spriter/plugin compatibility (the image files are not being dragged into the project with the .scml - a file association is broken somewhere). This happens on more than one computer after editing a backup or current player Spriter project. I have noticed a Spine plugin is being developed - I don't want to re-animate everything in Spine (all 80 player animations!) just yet.

    So, fingers crossed that this can get fixed. Meanwhile, I think I need to do some investigating of alternative engines. For example, Corona SDK now builds for desktop, don't you know....

  • Phew! lucid saved me from myself... After installing W10 I didn't check that the Spriter save options were correct for export to c2. So, notch this one up to user-operator error. No more investigating Godot engine for now - I have some deadly traps to construct!

  • "user-operator error"

    They are a nuisance these users, they get everywhere and mess things up!

    Glad all is well ( or as well as it can be in such a twisted world) in Umbra again.

  • Thanks spongehammer! It's been a few weeks since my last update because I've been busy fighting off the work-triv-monsters. Boy, they're incessant! Anyway, against all the odds I have finished alpha level 5. One more big level to go, then the opening sequence... I might get things done before xmas! Maybe....

    Here's a little screen shot of something with teeth:

  • Hello! Here's a little something to prove that I've not been sitting idly by staring at Facebook or waiting for an exciting c2 update. Ok, I may have been doing a little of the above, but I have also been doing a little bit of work on level 6. I've decided that this will be the last level (otherwise I'll never finish) - it'll contain one large puzzle and then (hopefully, 'cos the work's not done) a huge boss fight. Perhaps with guns and some other crazy stuff.

  • I don't know how it will be used but it is very large ^^

  • MadSpy

    All will be revealed....

  • As already posted earlier, there's another game out there with the same name as this one... The other Umbra isn't anything like my game, but the name conflict is giving me some heartache - unfortunately there's no such thing as a monopoly on old Latin words!

    What should I do? I'm tempted to change the name to something similar - another Latin or Spanish word meaning dark and eerie, perhaps? There are plenty to choose from. Or should I close my eyes and hope it's ok to leave it the way it is? Any suggestions welcome... Thanks.

  • yes there is. "monopolio".

    whattabout penumbra? thats spanish, too...

    love the looks of this, btw.

    just a bit too similar to my own stuff

    ...just much cooler

  • You could always add a sub title or whatever they call them after a colon

    Umbra: Shadow of pain

    Umbra: Darker in some bits than others

    Umbra: Who stole my eyes


    More seriously. Nothing is ever original and if you feel it might cause problems at some point it may be better to change it now. As long as you can find something else which hasnt been used.

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  • Thanks & spongehammer! Every time I think of something vaguely original I then find out it's been used before; even Penumbra (which was my first name idea way back). I Think I am inclined to keep Umbra and add a sub-title. Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate the support.

    [quote:ky011vrs]Umbra: Darker in some bits than others

    Umbra: Who stole my eyes

    Hilarious! Love it. Umbra: frequent death...

    I'm thinking of something like:

    Umbra: Shadow of Death....

    I might try some title graphics to inspire me....

  • Phew!! Level 6 is now finished. There's no respawning on this level because of the nature of the puzzle, so soak it up future game-players! Well, to be fair, I actually hope it's not too hard and that the final outcome will prove sufficiently rewarding. Oh, I almost forgot, so now I have to start Level 7 - the final big fight, or something...

  • Hurrah!! Umbra demo is now available on the Scirra Arcade (see link below). Spriter objects now function in the arcade...

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