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  • love the mood bro, but i keep dying in all kind of horrible manners! can't manage to jump the first spiky abyss...

  • Thanks, ! I'm glad you like the atmosphere. Try dragging the log across part of the gap by using the action button. If you get stuck you can summon up hints using "H"...

  • hahah now thats it! incredibly cool. love the way you're showing the tips, reminds me of a graphic novel thing.

  • Progress has been slow - so I must apologise for my day job getting in the way once more! I have a concept for a final boss level. So far I've made this.... The boss is to be constructed this weekend (ideas and reality rarely align, but I have some ideas!)!!

  • You sir have my deepest respect! The art and mood is out of this world.

    Me and my son are doing a little project with a similar theme and you've been a great inspiration!

    If we could achieve 1/100 of what you've done we'd be more than happy

    Please keep the updates coming

  • Thank you immortalx! I really appreciate your kind words.

  • Nice game. I am working to something similar

  • So far so good. Yes it looks a lot like limbo, but limbo is a great game and t's no bad think if it's like another game as long as it's a good game. I've considered making a game like that. Limbo didn't invent the silhouette look after all. Go ahead but use the feedback you've received to fuel your fire not extinguish it.

  • anty21ro - thanks!

    genejoke - I agree and good advice. Limbo was done really well - and it was down to the hard work of a large team of very competent artists and animators. I watched bits of a play-through video for 20 mins earlier this year and was blown away by how smoothly the animations transition and the subtle use of effects. I have no chance of replicating that level of quality because I'm a one-man-part-time dev. However, Umbra is intended to appear more colourful and have different types of puzzles and problems to solve, so all I will ask is for Umbra to be taken on its own merits. It's not an action platformer, but there are a few moments of action and some large and challenging puzzles... A lot of the dev is just for my own pleasure - to say that "I did that". If other people like it then that's a real bonus!

  • Right then.... Level 7 is just about finished!!! The addition of the gun control meant I had to change the input controls so it now uses the keyboard and the mouse (or xbox controller, of course) so you now use the mouse to aim the gun.

    Next events: create start cut-scene, add lots of sound effects, some eye candy additions, MadSpy 's steam api changes look interesting... and so on... Lots more to do, but the game now has an ending!!! (but not a beginning yet, oh the irony).

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  • Man, I'm dying to see that one finished. Every time you post an update I'm drooling!

  • It has come on in leaps and bounds. I am looking forward to the final game too

  • Thank you immortalx and spongehammer !! Let the cut-scene shenanigans begin!

  • Well, it's complete! What I mean is: the introduction cut-scene is complete. And the game is quite possibly nearly finished as well! I'm now going to play the whole game a few times over to see what little niggles remain, then it's time to add the Steam plugin.... I've got mixed feelings: nervousness and relief that it's coming to an end lol!!

    Please have a go at the demo in the Arcade (link below).... All feedback is welcome .

  • Colludium congrats! I'm interested to know how the Steam plugin goes! I thought you were greenlit, but I couldn't find anything on Steam..

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