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  • I just tried Chrome & got the same bug by walking in front of the log & holding down left+jump (took a few goes & lots of key spamming to achieve this though).

    If you use chipmunk for physics you can do proper raycasting for ground detection. I've found it more reliable than overlap testing a pinned sprite. Would take a bit of work switching over from c2 physics (assuming that's what you're using), but I'd say it's worth it for the extra stuff you could do, particularly collision layers which are a must in physics puzzlers.

  • Thank you mattb - I appreciate you checking and letting me know. I'll do some adjusting of the physics setup and post here when it's done. I have been using the standard physics engine - mainly because I want support from Ashley and because I have high hopes for asm.js physics. It's sometimes a pain to find workarounds for normal physics things like kinematic bodies and some of the more useful joints that are available in other ports of box 2d. I took an early look at Chipmunk and think it's an excellent plugin. When I started I didn't find it offered me much more than I thought I needed at the time... I'm not sure I have the patience to port this over to Chipmunk, but I'll certainly give it another go for my next project!

    If you're having to do lots of key presses then to get this to happen then I might have coded in a weakness in the player's FSM - should be easy to ensure that, sometimes unreliable collision detection aside, this shouldn't happen any more....

  • nice help texts

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  • Thanks MadSpy!!

    I'm currently doing battle with some self-made bugs I created when trying to rectify the bug mattb identified. I finally managed to recreate it - took a lot of keyboard abuse - and I think it's simply caused by the states of the player FSM blending / getting mixed up. Although the player's movement appears good in the version of the demo, there are a couple of scenarios where the player's animation will not behave properly. Hey - it's still an alpha, right? I hope to get this fixed tonight...

  • and the bouncing effect when you want to jump an edge you can climb?

  • - Possibly (hopefully), but I'm not sure I know what you have noticed there. I need to go back to the beginning of my player's FSM to make sure I don't right-royally screw it up, lol!

  • lol I'm able to fly again (picture sent)

  • Right then... Player FSM has been updated (again - becoming the story of my life). I found that there was some conflicting logic - the short term fix means that the player no longer reaches out for something to grab when she's falling down, but hopefully the glitchy play modes have been stopped. My plan is to reintroduce the reaching out animation if the other glitches have been fixed, as long is it doesn't screw around with the player logic again!! Game testers and anyone else interested in trying to undo some html5: please try the demo and see if you can break it. Let me know if I need to book a week off work so I can fix it again...!?! Thanks!!

  • v1.0.0.97 is out - no more superman flying....

  • Robots... Here's one - I'm sure there'll be more!

  • Robots... Here's one - I'm sure there'll be more!

    Seeing the robot , the heroine said: "maybe my sister is better where she is" and she goes back to home. End lol

  • Lol

  • Some recent changes and snags I've been doing battle with:

    • New rope climb mechanics. I have to confess that I still don't think it's perfect, so it's going to get some more attention over the coming days and weeks.
    • New player mode detection. Part of the player's FSM control is through an invisible ground detector sprite. Previously that was used in conjunction with a Spriter animation check to determine any change of FSM state. It was glitchy, though, as if the Spriter values weren't returning the correct value (animation name / time in current animation loop). I think that the problem may have been down to animation blends - it's hard to be sure. Anyway, it's all fixed now by means of a simple timer variable (kind of like: if Player.Time_Next_Phase < time then change xxx....). It seems so much more reliable (mental note for the future there).
    • Change of player collision poly. Part of the above FSM problem was caused by the shape of the player's collision poly. It's not static - it sometimes changes depending on what mode of play you're in - but the problem I encountered was actually caused by not having vertical sides to the poly shape. The slight slopes caused the player to hang up or delay falling in some situations, which looked glitchy. Fixed now (for now....!!!!).
    • Level 1 instructions. The hard-core get on with it and figure out what you're doing has been replaced by a softer approach. Level 1 now has some on-screen instructions to help you through the first couple of puzzles. I'm clearly soft at heart.
    • Level 1 start updated as well. Now there's something slightly better than a wall to stop you from walking left off screen...
    • Level 3 has now been completed. Well, the fundamental puzzles have; I'm still adding sound effects and a little eye candy. It includes a couple of water based puzzles, sharp and hazardous machinery, and (of course) a robot or two. The robots are going to put in an appearance later in the game, I'm sure. Maybe they will invite some friends along... Oh, I mustn't forget - there's a hidden room - which is easy to get to but hard to unlock.... Very hard. Hopefully not too hard.

    So, the big question now is what theme should level 4 be on? I'm thinking of a suburban scene or a derelict hospital....??

  • Is it too late to start making some significant changes to the game play?!? For a while now I've felt that the player needed an extra something to keep them focused on the game... something to make it more than just the most dangerous day-trip ever - something to give you more to do than just your primary mission of saving your sister. Well, I hope it's not too late, because I've started making the changes .

    Now you're not just embarking on a dangerous quest to save your sister - you have to save her from kidnapping killer robots (of course) and, while you're about it - you must try to liberate some imprisoned children.

    Check out the latest demo to see what some of these changes look like....

  • It's not to late to change the story a bit. The gameplay is still the same and this is just a little spice to the mix and works fine in my opinion <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    I like what you've done to the start of the game. Maybe putting the text at the top instead with 50% opacity to make it a little more suttle? So it's not in front of the player. Or maybe at least behind the player. I don't know what would be better.

    I tried both keyboard and gamepad. I couldn't use the stick on the gamepad. Can you only play with the d-pad?

    Anyway, this is my opinion about your game <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

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