Spriter/C2 - (9-16-2019 - bug fix)

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  • Hi lucid - I was wondering, while the next version of Spriter is still in development, is there any plan to incorporate into it some weighted bone / motor joint options?

  • Colludium, at some point, yes.

  • ^^Excellent - thanks!

  • hi lucid Thank you for your reply.

    Would it be possible to have a workflow where one does not have to duplicate animation across instances and can instead have different instances use the same animation clip during runtime. This is what can be done already with 3d models, for as long as your character rigs have the same naming convention

  • Hi blurymind . I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean multiple entities within Spriter sharing the same animation? Also, we have character maps, which allows you to choose alternate images to change the appearance of the character using the same animation.

  • yes exactly, being able to have multiple entities share the same animation clip - in a sense instancing the animation clip between entities.

    Character maps are very neat, but they force you to have one entity represent many different characters if you want to share the animation. Is It possible to replace a piece of a character with another piece during runtime, without having to create an entire character map?

  • Sub entities dont show up in construct2 when I import an entity that has them, nor do they show up when i play the layout.

    Will it be possible to set a sub entity's current animation frame during runtime?

  • I will contact Ashley in the relatively near future to see if he can update the importer to fully support sub-entities. If not, I will at least post a tutorial on how to manually import them to work with the plugin as is. I'm currently working on an update build for Spriter itself, and once that's finished for all platforms, I can finally get back to the C2 plugin for a much needed update. I'd also like to try to add in some features to override animation attributes, such as the current image, angle, while the animation is being played.

  • Wait, so sub entities are already implemented in C2 in some sort of way? I feel at a lost with what features are already implemented and which aren't, there seems to be a few changes going on.

    Very exited to hear about the reference implementation. Keep up the hard work.

    A feature suggestion i would like to make, which already was made in the brashmonkey forum, is motors a la Creature software. Some sort of behavioral bones that affect our assets proceduraly (spring, physics, ik, rotation, wave, etc). also to be able to create our own motors to apply, reuse, share, and download...adding modularity to the mix.

  • Free-Form Deformation has been supported by spine plugin

    Hope spriter plugin can support as soon as possible~

  • kraed, the sub-entities are already implemented in some way, but it requires a manual import steps, which I haven't posted about here. I'm going to see if I can add it in a way that doesn't require Ashley to update the import process, and also doesn't require any manual importing steps. I'll post back once I know whether it will work or not.

    Also everyone, I'm in the middle of working on an update for the plugin. Thank you for the extreme patience.

    winsonzhong, the free-form deformation will work on the plugin for Spriter 2. Spriter 2 development has begun, but is on a short hiatus and will resume development shortly, and will be free for current Spriter Pro owners.

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  • Spriter2 ?

    It means ...a long time for development as spriter1?

  • winsonzhong , Development won't take nearly as long as Spriter 1, given that they share so much common functionality. We will be building the framework around the future feature-set, which will speed up development, and allow a much more powerful version of what's planned, rather than having to shoehorn it into the current data-format.

  • |

    Plugin Update 12/23/2015 |

    • Added support for sub-entities - requires manual import of sub-entities, full tutorial on how to import them after the holidays
    • Added 'override object animation' action. Allows you to override the x, y, angle, scaleX, scaleY, pivotX, pivotY, where applicable for bones, points, boxes, sprites, and sub-entities. Also override current entity, current animation, and current time ratio for sub-entities.
    • Added 'override bones with IK' action. Allows you to override bone angle animation with two-bone IK.
    • Changed 'point exists' condition to 'object exists', now works for bones, boxes, and sprites as well.
    • Changed 'pointX' and 'pointY' to 'objectX' and 'objectY', now works for bones, boxes, and sprites as well.

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  • Thanks for the plugin update and I'm glad you're letting pro owners upgrade to 2 for free! Good work!

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