Planning a Mobile Monetizing Course

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  • Future videos will get into In App purchases. This first course is focused on banner and fullscreen ads with cocoonJS, Mopub and Admob.

    Does this include iOS and Android?

  • I only show creating an android ad, but the process is identical on either device.

  • The course is ready?

  • Sorry it's not. I just need a few more hours on them and just haven't had the time. I leave for vacation next week, so I hope to have them done before I leave.


  • Quick update, this course will be released the Week AFTER Easter.

    I was hoping to get it all finalized before I left on vacation this weekend, but it's probably not going to happen.

    The course is going to be $29, but I will be sending out a special coupon code for former students. You will get that in a Udemy type email after the class has been published. The first video, Screen Resolution, will be free to all.

    The videos are.

    1. Screen Resolution.

    3. CocoonJS Object Banner Ads

    4. CocoonJS Object Fullscreen Ads

    5. Mopub Initial Setup

    6. AdMob Setup

    7. Mopub and Admob Link

    8. Export and Cloud Compiling

    9. Image Sizer (Asset Oganization)

    I had 6 beta testers that went through the course, it would be great if you could post in here your experience with the course. Thanks.

  • This is a fantastic course!

    I was fortunate enough to be asked to help Ed evaluate the course, and I have to say I found it very useful. Ed takes you through each topic step by step, and the information is all presented in a way that's very easy to follow.

    The presentation style is relaxed and friendly, the information provided is detailed and comprehensive. And considering the potential return you could make after learning this information, $29 is a great price!

    Nice work ArcadEd, I look forward to mores courses in the future

  • ArcadEd hey did you ever get the "Getting Google Play Services to work" part in... I kinda skipped trough a bit

  • Luckily I have been one of the chosen guys, which could already have a look on that course before releasing. It was an absolutely great guideline to the whole process of making money through banner ads.

    I´m not a native english speaker, but that was never a problem during the whole length of the movies. Ed really explains stuff very uncomplicated! Great work!

    Hope to be in the beta-group for the next courses, they are worth every minute.

    Good job!

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  • Ragevortex

    No, this course doesn't go into anything platform specific. This course is about CocoonJS and getting ads working through Mopub and Admob.

    Future courses will be broken up by platform.

    Still just waiting for Ludei to update the plugin so the services actually work.

  • ArcadEd ok cool ... I just checked the "updated plugin" I found in the thread... still needs work I guess.... more waiting in queue for now.

    Thanx for clarifying tho

    Keep up the good work mon.

  • I don't think I ever would've gotten Ads working in my Apps if I hadn't watched these...Thanks Ed!!

  • I have lucky enough to be chosen to beta test the course and it is a great one! I am a complete beginner that knew nothing about publishing outside of my experience with Wii U, and now I feel confident that I can take my business beyond supporting just one platform.


  • Almost done. I just need to record the preview/promo video and it's then in the hands of Udemy.

  • nice.. cant wait your next udemy course. I was also your previous basic course student.

  • The course is now live, and I made the first video a free preview. It's about screen resolution and might be a good watch, even if you are no interested in buying the course.

    I'm also giving a $10 off coupon with this link, making the course $19.

    Now with the new CJS plugin out, I can start concentrating on the next one. I purchased a much better microphone too .

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