Planning a Mobile Monetizing Course

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  • ArcadEd - cool idea, and I hope it goes well. There is always room for good teachers.

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  • So no microtransactions or updating apps?

  • Yes,

    I will be showing in app purchases. Updating apps wasn't on the list since it's basically the same process as submitting a new app, but I added it to the list to cover it.

  • So I'm looking for about 3 people to help me "Beta" test this course. You will get all the videos and any course material for free. I'm looking for people that have been around C2 for a while and would consider themselves at least an intermediate level C2 game designer.

    What I am asking for in return is to watch my videos and give any feedback on parts that might be confusing, or additional information you feel should be added.

    You should also be an active facebook user as I will make a group for discussions.

    Your english level should be very high as communication is going to be a big part of this process.

    I currently have 5 videos done, and I will be working on more tonight.

    I am going to be pretty selective on who I ask to beta test the videos, so don't be offended if I don't choose you. Getting a good 3-5 people will be key to making the videos work well for everyone in the future.

    PM Me if interested.


  • PM Sent

  • Same here

  • PM sent...

  • Is it possible to integrate adsense into apps?

  • I chose several and send out PMs. I'm sorry I couldn't include everyone right now.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi Ed,

    That would be awesome.

    and as a udemy follower of your courses may I suggest,

    You may want to consider choosing people who haven't ever done the Cocoon thing before ( like me ...

    for Beta testing) ,

    to see if they can follow along and understand fully.

    Just a thought.

  • ArcadEd Just checking in to see how the course is going. I'd love to check it out! Thanks

  • Just finishing up the first course. It will be ready by the end of the week.

    This first course will cover.

    Multiple Screen Resolutions

    Using the CocoonJS Plugin to include Banner and Fullscreen ads.

    Setting up Mopub

    Setting up Admob

    Linking Mopub and Admob

    CocoonJS Cloud Compiler Ads setup.

  • Everyone's really going to enjoy the course. Very easy to understand, even if you are new to Construct 2!


  • ArcadEd if you can please also tell how to integrate in-app buying like gold /mana/hp for hero . how to do that !!!!

  • Future videos will get into In App purchases. This first course is focused on banner and fullscreen ads with cocoonJS, Mopub and Admob.

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