Planning a Mobile Monetizing Course

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  • Can't wait especially for 1.a) "Setting up your screen resolution for multiple devices".

    It's the problem I'm currently dealing with.

  • a. Google Play Game Services (Leaderboards and Achievements).

    So, is this possible?? Please, I need it!

  • Not currently, but Ludei is working on a new plugin for C2 that will include it. Should be ready in the next few weeks.

  • Oh nice I'm waiting for this.

    A guide to update ios /androide games is really welcome too.

  • How about adding Twitter and Facebook share functions to both Android and iOS projects?

  • I'm hoping the latest CocoonJS plugin they are working on will also give us the FB and Twitter options.

  • Twitter is fairly easy when integrate share functions using the browser object. Facebook however is rather a pain in the arse. I honestly can't wait for the facebook options. It used to be so much easier till they removed direct sharing.


    Do you have a release date for you tutorial on udemy? I'' be taking a lesson since there are some things on there that I would like to know as well.

  • I have most of the outline finished up, now it's just a matter of finding the quiet time to start recording them. I plan to start recording the first part this week.


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  • I for one can't wait until this course is online! Do you happen to have a price range in mind so I can prepare my budget?

  • My guess right now is probably $29 per course, but it's really going to depend on the amount of time they take. If it ends up being the same amount as my other courses, then it will 19 each. I'll have a better feels once I get rolling. My goal isn't to break anyone's bank. I want to make the course at a reasonable price for all, but also a point that makes sense for the work put into it .

  • Where do I go to check on your other lessons? I may take another course while waiting.

  • I was just wondering when signatures were going to start working again, as they were all linked in there .

    C2 Beginner Course

    C2 Platformer Course

    C2 Infinite Flyer Course

  • Hopefully everything is going well, keep it up. It would be very cool if you include how to update your app with a new build on ios/android after release.

  • Just to give every an update. Here are the videos that I have recorded.

    1. Understanding Screen Resolutions.

    2. Setting up your app to work on multiple resolutions in C2

    3. CocoonJS Banner Ads in C2 setup.

    4. CocoonJS FullScreen Ads in C2 setup.


    Mopub: Setting up the ads for your apps.

    Linking Mopub and Admob and iAds

    Configuring CocoonJS Cloud Compiler for your Ads



    iOS - Game Center and Achievements

    Creating a Facebook App and adding ads to it.

    Google Play Games as soon as we can.

  • Mostly it's done with the CocoonJS plugin that comes with C2. I'll also be showing Ejecta when it comes to iOS stuff.

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