New Intel XDK version released

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  • Report C2 R226 build iOS fail with new intelXDK when preview always show blackscreen


    please see screenshot per below what wrong ?

  • I've just noticed something strange, not sure what it's causing it yet. Sometimes when I open a project in XDK (saved with new C2 export) then it can creates many "www" folders inside of existing www folder.

    Standard XDK project folder.

    Standard "www" folder content with extra "www" inside.

    Extra "www" folders inception.

  • shinkan Exact same thing happened to me BUT only if I use the same folder for C2 export and xdk project. I usually copy/paste the C2 export to the XDK location, but that was a strange think when it happened...following Ashley 's guide from first post .I honestly don't like this approach: Since I use some custom git URLs that are different from the ones the plugin developers provided , I like to manually import the plugins in XDK + it takes 30-60 sec for a new project to be created EVERY time I make a small modification to my C2 code. I just copy/paste the exported project using the old way

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  • -- I have heard others report this, but I have not seen it in any apps that I have built. I suspect this is a Crosswalk or splashscreen issue. It might be interesting to try a newer version of Crosswalk. You can get to the newer versions (and beta versions) using some special techniques in the intelxdk.config.additions.xml file, which I hope to document in our FAQs later this week.

  • xmnboy - Great. I'll wait for the future document then. Because it really makes my games look buggy.

  • xmnboy

    [quote:267o026g]Did you try uninstalling the prior version of the app on your device and then install?

    It helps!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Cipriux Yeah, I found that C2 new export method is really great but only for very first time you export from C2 and open in XDK as completely new project. Then everything is fine. But later if you start adding or removing stuff from C2 (stuff that need some kind of third party plugin in XDK) problems starts. From very long project opening, through plugin error and even loosing your project in XDK. Cause of that I had to start and setup my current XDK project from scratch few times just because updating it from C2 broke to many things.

    In short. C2 new XDK export is great when you start new project. But it needs some work for updating existing ones.

  • "www" folders inception is pretty serious now. Even using rd /s www from command line won't delete them. I guess it's time to restart and enter safe mode

  • Can someone please tell me how the InAppPlugin works on the mobile devices.?

    I tried it many time even in previous versions on Intel, it does not work at all.

  • SaRaB The official IAP works ok with Intel XDk

    This is the XDK plugin that works for me

    and this is the BILLING_ID for Android (I don't know about iOS)

  • Cipriux Thank you for your comment, will may you show me the way you use in construct 2 to open a new link like your game, for example when you say to the people rate us or rate this game. can you show me the example. i use browser object, and open in new window, and i put my game to rate but when i tested it, it does not work with the plugin you put it.

  • SaRaB To make the user open your game in Google Play Store (directly in Play Store app), use the plugin Browser->Go to URL and write: market://details?id=com.synapseone.test3

    Replace com.synapseone.test3 with your bundle ID

    To go to Google Play Store and show all your games, write instead: market://search?q=pub:SynapseOne

    where synapseone is my developer name. This type of URL will be opened directly in Play Store app installed on the phone instead of the default browser installed

    More info here: ... nking.html

  • I am still getting game freezes after closing interstitial ads...

  • Also, trying to go to another URL, (Like rate my app) is also not working anymore.

    And one tiny gripe is there is this funny white line on the bottom of the screen whenever the app opens, looks glitchy to me...

  • Cipriux Thank you for your comment again, will it does not work until now, I did what you said below and I opened the site you entered it, then I did what the site said, all of these does not work on mobile devices, so I upload two screenshots to see what i am doing, is it right of wrong.

    See screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    So tell me please what should I do now to make this work perfect.

    This action is on new window, i did also go to URL with out new window, i did many ways still does not work.

    Thank you.

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