New Intel XDK version released

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  • SaRaB Try adding inAppBrowser plugin in XDK. Go to Core Plugins -> InAppBrowser

    Also in C2, try instead of Go to URL in new window, Go to URL -> target self

    [EDIT] Just tested with your URL and Browser new windows and it works for me. Adding InAppBrowser should make it work. Also Device should also be pressent in the Plugins list

  • Hi all!

    I have problem (black screen) with wkwebview and XDK, after a long time to find a solution I turned to Intel and engineers gave this answer:


    I'm not sure what is going on in this block of code from c2_runtime.js:

    a.prototype.HF = function() {

    var a = this;

    if (this.Pj)


    port: 0,

    localhost_only: !0


    Pj is true with WKWebView and false with UIWebView, it gets initialized like this:

    this.Pj=!!(this.Eb && this.Md && window.indexedDB);

    window.indexedDB is false with UIWebView.

    Hmm, when I started writing this I didn't look at that line carefully enough.

    Gw is supposed to get initialized as cordova.plugins.CorHttpd:

    this.Pj && (this.Gw = cordova && cordova.plugins && cordova.plugins.CorHttpd ? cordova.plugins.CorHttpd : null);

    It is checking if a plugin is installed: cordova.plugins.CorHttpd:

    It looks like construct2 is detecting wkwebview and expecting that plugin to be present with wkwebview.

    I added the plugin to the project and built it again, but it still doesn't work.

    I think it needs the AWS scripts.

    I think he needs to do a few things to get this working with WKWebView:

    1. add the cordova-httpd plugin

    Note that this is not an Intel XDK recommendation; based on my analysis it seems to be a Construct2 requirement.

    He might be able to get more info via Contruct2 docs or support.

    2. direct file XHR requests to the local webserver run by cordova-httpd (the endpoint can be obtained by calling the getURL method of the plugin)

    possibly construct2 may have a way of doing this for the user?

    3. defer loading the aws scripts until after the local webserver has started

    I think I'll stop here as it seems like there are some Contruct2 requirements that we or the user needs to learn more about.

    I guess we could get in touch with Scirra if this customer is important or represents a class of users that we want to support.

    Or if you can find more docs or information about using WKWebView with Construct2, I'd like to read it.

    The only thing I could find was this blog post, which does not provide any integration information: ... -wkwebview

    Maybe Scirra's XDK export is not doing everything it needs to in order to allow this to work?


    Ashley what you can say about it?

    Thank you.

  • That's our code to work around WKWebView limitations. It should only be used if you enable WKWebView when exporting from C2, and then it should automatically add the CorHttpd plugin to the project (at least in the new Intel XDK project format...). It should work if you either turn off WKWebView or add the CorHttpd plugin.

  • Ashley thank you for reply. My app work fine after than i add cordova-plugin-httpd, but I'm not completely sure whether it works correctly. Besides "Use wkwebwiev for ios" and adding httpd plugin, should i add and WKWebView Engine plugin in XDK or not?

  • New release of Intel XDK 3240

  • The new WKWebView export is designed for the new Intel XDK project format. I don't know if it works with the old format, but if you enable WKWebView, you must include all three of these plugins for it to work:




    If you disable WKWebView, you should not need any of them. If you use the new Intel XDK project format, or PhoneGap Build, those plugins are specified automatically.

  • Construct 227 64bit

    Intel XDK 3240

    RE: Zeroflags post from on this thread from 1st April. (iOS devices give black screen on 'emulate' preview.)

    When I go to the emulate tab, my games work on all Android and Windows emulated devices, but I just get a black screen for all of the iOS devices.

    Has anyone found a fix for this? Is this a common problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Construct 227 64bit

    Intel XDK 3240

    RE: Zeroflags post from on this thread from 1st April. (iOS devices give black screen on 'emulate' preview.)

    When I go to the emulate tab, my games work on all Android and Windows emulated devices, but I just get a black screen for all of the iOS devices.

    Has anyone found a fix for this? Is this a common problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Not a common see this >>

    I wait C2 team release new build for fix it. It not work only intelxdk but also cocoon not work too !!

  • OK, thank you Zeroflag. We shall wait and see.

    I should have also added that I can still successfully test on an iOS device using App Preview. (I haven't had the need to build any iOS apps yet).

  • Do you guys have a problem with Intel XDK iOS WKWebView where;

    1. The status bar is not hidden?

    2. When music tracks are changed, there's an entire 1 second pause/stutter of gameplay?

    3. Audio/music sometimes play/not... very random.

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  • -- there is now an Intel XDK FAQ that explains how to get access to other Crosswalk versions (for builds only). See this post crosswalk#crosswalk-unlisted-build

    (Remove the spaces in the URL, I don't have the points necessary to post a long URL on this site).

  • shinkan and Cipriux and -- I hope to get some time to put together an article and video showing how to update a C2 app once you've already got a project started in the XDK. In essence:

    • use the export only once (the first time you create an XDK project)
    • copy changed files from subsequent C2 exports into your existing XDK project
    • manually add or remove plugins that have changed as a result of each export
    • check for changes in the intelxdk.config.additions.xml file

    If you are only changing code, then noting which source files have changed means just copying them over to the existing project, in some cases you may be able to just replace all the source files in the existing project with the new files in the exported project. Of course, if you are adding/deleting code manually in your exported source files, you'll have to work harder to figure out what needs to be updated in the existing project.

    If you have made changes in your project that would impact either the intelxdk.config.additions.xml file or the list of plugins that are part of your project, you'll have to handle that manually. You can inspect the <project-name>.xdk file to see which plugins are being specified, or look inside the config.xml that is exported for use by PhoneGap Build. This means you should keep a copy of those files around for diff'ng between exports. Might be easiest to simply diff the old config.xml file with the new one.

    As I said, when time permits, I'll create an article and/or video that shows how to do this, but I would expect it to be an expansion of what I just explained above.

  • xmnboy

    Yeah I figured to copy the game export files over and override the Intel XDK folder after a few times. Basically just replace the contents of the www folder with your updated game export.

    Overall it's a very streamlined process and the IPA works with Apple Test Flight.

    I'm pleased with the performance overall. There's an issue with Apple's WKWebView treating games using it as a website and so music gets streamed separately into Air Drop. What this means is there are lag/stutter when music tracks are changed. It also ignores "Preload Music". If tracks are changed rapidly, two tracks may play at once and cause instability/crashes. These issues can be work-around with your game design so it's not too bad.

    Performance wise, it's good, this is my PC game ported to iOS:

    Subscribe to Construct videos now

    It holds 60 fps quite well even in big battles. The only dips are due to music tracks changing.

  • xmnboy - Thanks nice document. I've noticed on Crosswalk 17 & Crosswalk 18 Beta (using the guide above). The white bar decreases it's visibility duration (but still there), which is a good news but Crosswalk 16 still has the long duration of Rectangle Bar. Perhaps this is more of a crosswalk problem.

  • xmnboy At the moment splashscreen is only seem to delay the game loading. What will be nice is to combine splashscreen and loading bar from C2 into 1 screen. At the moment on my Samsung Galaxy s2 I see a 2-10 sec black screen between splashscreen and the C2 loading bar.

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