Greenworks a node-webkit plugin [STEAMWORKS]

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  • Greenheart games just released the Greenworks node-webkit/node.js plugin for the integration of steamworks!

    Im sure there are some interested in this <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">



    Now that Greenworks is a Plugin that is WiP for Real, this thread is closed, as I do not think there should be made new comments/started a discussion about it here.

    For anyone not knowing about it yet, here is the 'Official' thread about it:


  • I'm nowhere near to having something ready to put up on Steam greenlight, but if that ever happens, it will be very useful. Thanks for the info

  • Could this be added as a plug-in to C2 ? Or even better, directly in C2 export module?

    Ashley Something like official Steam export could be a very popular feature to add, don't you think?

  • It could, but it doesn't make much sense unless you have access to steamworks SDK libraries and docs which are only usable under license from Valve.

  • JohnnySheffield you just need to register as a Steamworks Developer, then you get access to the SDK, i did it and i have access to them.

    But i wont post them ;) you sure know why

    It may be that you need a Greenlight Pass (Submission Fee payed)

    But if thats the case, and you want to develop a C2 plugin, i can give you a tip.

    //EDIT: Maybe Ashley will take a look and develop an official plugin, i dont know what the future holds, i only know that i will take a closer look at it this week.

  • I'm more than ready to give the $100 greelight fees to someone making the plug-in.

    I already have 2 games of mine on Steam, but we made it with a publisher, and most important as a team. Now will be the first time I'm making a steam targeted game alone, and I will have to pay a "real" coder to implement steamworks anyway on the top of my game.

    So, it worth the money to have a plug-in for everyone and not only for me.

    I like the idea to see C2 as a real engine, and not only for hobbyists. GameMaker has Steam support, and C2 is at least as great to develep with, I don't see why someone would not like to get this feature :)

  • Ahh, cool...

    Maybe i'll take a look later this week, i could dig into this if people are interested, but i think we need to wait for Ashley's official response.

  • Just curious, is it possible to put a game on Steam without this plugin?

  • DrewMelton , it is, but i wouldnt recommend it.

    People would notice the Steam Overlay missing, and its always nice to be able to include achievements, screenshots and everything.

  • Ah, okay. In that case, I hope this gets as much official support as it can. I'm still a bit miffed that Gamemaker gets Steam support and C2 doesn't when it's by far my preferred program.

  • I'm 100% sure Ashley will do an official Steam Plugin. Probably soon too.

    As for being miffed. Well you just need to take it that Game Maker exports to C++ and can access the Steam SDK directly. So there is no middle man layers. This let's developers access new features are sooner than C2 will ever get.

  • jayderyu

    Sorry to ask a dumb question, but my English is not that good, and I want to be sure to fully understand your post.

    You write about Ashley to be "miffed" (which google translates as "pissed" for me). Why?

    I fully understand how a Steam exporter was not possible before Node Webkit could handle it. And I think nobody is saying it was lazyness or something.

    But now that Node Webkit can do it, thanks to the Game Dev Tycoon developer, why would he be "miffed" and not happy to add a powerful feature (and a good selling point too) to his engine?

    (Sorry again, I think I misunderstood something and now look a bit stupid)

  • Aurel Actually, I was the one who said I was a bit miffed, and I wasn't even being all that serious, lol.

    I just meant that it's a shame that Gamemaker got Steam support and C2 didn't when C2 is by far the program I want to work with. I doubt I would be anywhere as far if had bought Gamemaker instead.

    As someone who really wants to focus on PC for my first game, I am really anxious to get things on Steam when I get the game done.

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  • Damn, I really need to improve my English skills. Thx ;)

  • I don't like to bump a topic, sorry for doing that, but this one is kind of important, so...

    Now that Node Webkit can handle the Steam API, is anyone making a move on a Steam plug-in ?

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