Greenworks a node-webkit plugin [STEAMWORKS]

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  • Freak waiting time =\ Hope it be stable soon.

  • Aw yiss, +1

  • Good to hear!

  • Just saw the update too, awesome! Can't wait for it

  • Yay, looking forward to this plugin.

  • Soo, many are really glad about this, but, as it stands this only changes one thing. That Greenworks has workshop support.

    To shorten this as much as possible:

    Greenworks is a Node Webkit module written for Node 0.10

    Node Webkit has 2 branches, one with Node 0.10 and Old Chromium and one with Node 0.11 and New/Updated Chromium.

    C2 uses the one with 0.11 as it's the most recent version that makes multiplayer for Node Webkit possible.

    The reason nobody starts working on a C2 plugin is, that if such a plugin were made, only those using the old NW could use it. And nobody here wants a rollback.

    It is not possible to use a Module that is written for 0.10 on 0.11 since there has been some API changes in Node that breaks compatibility.

    A 0.11 will probably never come, but more likely a 0.12, they already began working on Node 0.13

    We need somebody that updates Greenworks to be compatible with Node 0.11/0.12/0.13 so another one (Or the same) can write a Plugin for C2 to use it.

    • Conti
  • Since Steam is the biggest (?) digital distribution platform (worldwide?) it would be great if C2 would support the workshop, achievements or IAP (for DLCs).

  • We need somebody that updates Greenworks to be compatible with Node 0.11/0.12/0.13 so another one (Or the same) can write a Plugin for C2 to use it.

    - Conti

    Has anyone contacted Greenheart Games about hiring them (or the person they hired to create Greenworks) to update the Greenworks plug-in to be compatible with Node 0.11+?

    There have been 5 games greenlit for Steam and another 30+ awaiting the Greenlight. So, if those 35+ developers and whoever else wants Greenworks each chipped in $100, there would be $3500+ to hire someone to update it.

    Whoever updates the plug-in could use Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to make sure the money was pledged before they start work.

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  • All Greenworks appears to do is activate achievements and use cloud storage. If you don't need either of those features, there's no need to wait for this to go ahead, just publish the ordinary node-webkit export.

    Thanks Ashley, been searching the forums for this answer.

  • dcadjust All the functions Greenworks would give:

    Steam Cloud


    Information about game settings in Steam like Language etc.

    You can get the SteamID


    Number of current players

    And as i may imagine there is even more to come.

  • Scirra Steam Plugin! Please make it happen.

  • Scirra Steam Plugin! Please make it happen.


    Of course.. it shouldn't be so easy, but it's extremely important. We need something like that to make our games to steam.

    I know it isn't NECESSARY, but that makes a huge difference.

  • Great news on this today: ... t-57587279

    "small update. we are going the NAN (Native Abstractions for Node.js) route (thanks GeoffB).

    It looks like we will have a test-build with the core API's (excluding workshop support methods) ready some time next week"

  • - That is great news. Especially for yourself and the other C2 developers who have already made it through Greenlight, and encouraging for all the others who aren't through yet or plan to go through Greenlight.

  • That is definetly some good news, makes chances bigger there will be a plugin for registered Steamworks users

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