Greenworks a node-webkit plugin [STEAMWORKS]

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  • All i know is as soon as I get my first payout from steam, I already owe Scirra a chunk of that to upgrade to a business license. It's not much, but im sure there are a few others in a similar position, and many more yet to come.

    heh, yeah, if I'm correct there are about 5 C2 games on Steam now?

    All in all, it's about time for a Steam plugin to come, and with the new system replacing greenlight (Probably coming this year as Valve stated)

    there are maybe going to be even more C2 games coming to Steam (Hopefully including mine ).

    > One would *need* access to the API calls tied directly to a steam approved game / app to have a functioning plugin.


    I don't know what I'm about to ask but here goes nothing, will it be too much if we ask for a public access to the API calls for testing and play-around the plugin purposes. Is such a thing (can) even exist?

    It seem it would require a game to be greenlit to actually know whether the plugin is working, or is there any way that would tell me the plugin works?

    To be able to access the Steam API I think you have to sign an NDA, which you do when purchasing a Greenlight pass and log in to the Steamworks site.

    (Correct me if I'm wrong), but just to ensure that the method Scirra would enforce is long-lasting I think it would be better to only give those access to the plugin

    that are registered Steamworks developers. All in all, public access to such a plugin (If made)/Steam SDK is something we probably won't see in the near future/ever.

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  • Now that Greenworks is a Plugin that is WiP for Real, this thread is closed, as I do not think there should be made new comments/started a discussion about it here.

    For anyone not knowing about it yet, here is the 'Official' thread about it:

    I'm really looking forward to the first C2 games on Steam utilizing this

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