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  • As you can not charge for a program so bad, I would give me shame. This program does not apply to ios and android ...I have two sets created for ios with Construct 2 and the results are:

    Play Puzzle 9 physical objects with 9 = 30fps

    Action games: seven objects in the same layout, with two animations = 15fps ...

    All this proved by iphone 4, which would have to run to spare. Please stop selling this program for ios or android are you miffed because people like me who pay the license for anything as it does not fit iphone games ... over 100 euros down the drain, I going to return the money? since no...

    Only used for websites, this had to be clear, but I want cheat and so earn more money.

    To me what bothers me most is learning to use construct 2 and create the entire game almost, to see that does not work then.

    Thanks for rip me off

  • On the iPhone 4S with over a hundred objects, including tens of physics objects we're getting 30fps+. On the iPhone 5 we're getting a solid 60fps.

    Have you been testing on a device from the beginning of development as recommended?

  • Your game is nearly finished, but you have only just realised that your basic game mechanic is giving poor performance, on your target device, smacks of bad planning.

    You cannot simply design a game around the recommended number of object types to use, physics is probably C2's weakest point anyway, to be honest, but the fact you have your game running on both ios and android, shoots your first argument in the foot.

    For mobile device you need to work bare bones, smoke and mirrors.

  • They should probably give you your money back, and you should go try some other product.

    Good luck.

  • How exactly are you trying your game? Safari for iOS should be fast, PhoneGap and the Android browsers are known to be very slow, but CocoonJS also fixes that and should be very fast. Have you tried using CocoonJS? Can you share a .capx of your games that are slow? It may be possible to fix them. A common mistake is to give the device far too much work to do. For example five full-screen sized images would probably exceed the fill rate of the mobile GPU. Any experienced app developer using any technology at all knows not to do that. Mobile hardware is limited and you have to design your game very carefully according to the capabilities of the device. If you just throw seven huge sprites in to a game, that's not how anyone designs their games for mobile.

  • Designing your app badly is not something that Construct can fix for you. As others have done more complicated projects with better performance on those platforms, the issue is in the design, not the tools.

  • Then create the first game and as in firefox works very well, I thought that iphone too, so you believe the whole game thinking it would work well and now I find that it goes to 30 fps and unplayable.

    newt I really only received the money? where I have to go?

    Then upload the CapX already not worth nothing...

    BluePhaze The design? if I remove my event sheet and just let the physical objects and 30 fps I will also ...

  • Desktop computers can literally be 10 to 100 times faster than a mobile device. You might have a 1000 core graphics card drawing 500W from the wall, whereas a phone would be lucky to have 8 core graphics and using just a few watts from a battery. So if you mean you find a game that runs fine on desktop Firefox is slow on a phone, again that's no surprise and you'll have the same problem with any technology or framework.

    It's hard to help much more if you don't share your .capx projects you've used to test.

  • I'm with newt , go on , if you don't like C2 , just move on to another program , you are just one of the hundreds of potential clients

  • But for every vocal complaint there could be 10 or a hundred people having the same issues who will just shuffle off without saying anything. If people are having issues that are caused by their lack of understanding, that cause needs to be addressed. Telling these people to give up and bugger off helps nobody.

  • Whiteclaws If they return me the money I'll try another program, meanwhile not.

  • This is exactly why I always say optimize at the get go (graphics and physics, not just code/scripting). Just because it's fast in development doesn't mean something else won't be later. Building a base foundation to work on that's solid, and testing at each iteration, is very important - to prevent this very thing.

    Oh, and by the way, they claimed you can make mobile games, and you can, so it's not a scam. Just because YOUR game doesn't go fast doesn't mean others are not. It all comes down to what kind of game you are making, and the amount of processing (GPU or CPU) required. You have to work within the means of the application. Plenty of people here are having lots of success creating their games within the means of what C2 can do, so again, you have to be fair about your expectations.

  • You don't return the paintbrush after you've bought it because you can't paint.

    C2 is not the best development tool for mobile devices, but that's because it's not meant to be; it's a HTML5 game engine, and a bloody good one. The fact mobile devices happen to support HTML5 is simply a convenience.

    If you design your game properly you'll get good results, serve scaled images, check for overdraw and do absolutely everything to minimise GPU use, that's the bottleneck for mobile.

  • Whiteclaws I really don't think that's a good way to talk to someone who is having problems with a product he/she has supported. Simply telling them to go off and they are just one of other potential clients is definitely not a good look.

    I would suggest looking through the forums and reading up on tutorials in the tutorial section. Play around with the program a lot more and get a better grasp on game design and optimization. Any questions you have feel free to search for an answer on the site and if you cannot, don't shy away from asking for a solution to a problem you may have.

    Like everyone states, this is an HTML5 game engine and there are currently a lot of limitations to running this sort of thing on mobile devices but it's not impossible. You will most certainly have to cut back on a lot of features that you originally want to include in your project, while some games at this point are not even worth creating for mobile using this engine.

    I hope you get the help you need and or a solution to your problem.

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  • Tsk, I wouldn't expect that some would go right away with "yeah go get ur money back and check for other software" without even trying to figure out a helpful solution first. Can you perhaps share the file? Im sure it will be easyer to find a solution that way

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