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  • cesarzevil You may be mad and frustrated right now, You may move onto another engine, you may finish your game...

    whatever you choose to do one thing will not change, Making a game on any engine, especially for mobile is not that easy.

    I don't doubt you have put time into learning the basics of C2, but there is always more to learn, There are many helpful and informative members on here, maybe you will choose to disregard their advice?.

    I do know that a personal offer of help, from the developer, would not be included with any other engine.

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  • I'd suggest you have a read of this thread. It gives insight that mobile developers, even those who make native apps, use many tricks and advanced techniques to get games like C2's (games with large, non tile-based assets) to work smoothly.

  • A few thoughts, in no particular order:

    1. 30 FPS is often an acceptable frame-rate for titles on mobile platforms. Whilst a higher FPS value is obviously preferable, there are realistically only a few types of games that require it, and the main examples of those -- namely, racing games and shooters which require very fast and accurate "twitch" style input -- aren't the sorts of things you would be developing with Construct 2 anyway. If your game has been properly created to be frame-rate independent it really should be playable at 30FPS, and even many professionally created titles made with lower-level technologies are perfectly happy with this sort of performance.

    2. 30 FPS with 9 objects does not necessarily translate to lower performance with more than 9 objects. Often beginners increase the complexity of their games to some certain level, notice that the frame-rate is beginning to drop and assume that anything more complex will be out of the question, but in reality that depends on a number of factors, and unless you've actually tested to be sure it's entirely possible that you could conceivably add quite a few more objects without (or with only minimal) further drop in performance.

    ...and as noted above, for a huge variety of games ~30FPS should be good enough for a playable game.

    3. Other people have successfully created games with Construct 2 that perform acceptably well on the platforms in question. There are limitations to every system, Construct 2 being no exception, but the fact that other people have succeeded shows that it can be done if you have sensible goals and do things correctly.

    4. "Go try something else" is a terrible response. Construct 2 is Ashley and Tom's livelihood, and unless they are able to make a living with it they won't be able to continue their fantastic efforts of constantly adding features and improving things. It really doesn't help them to suggest that someone who complains should just go elsewhere.

    It's frustrating when things don't work the way you want, but rather than screaming "scam" it's pretty likely you can actually solve your problem. Making (good) games is hard, no matter how you do it, and whilst an editor like Construct 2 makes the process a lot easier you still have a lot of work to do yourself if you want to create a good game that performs well -- especially if you're targeting a mobile platform with limited capabilities.

    Follow the recommended best practices, try the performance tips, and if you're still having trouble ask for community input.

  • jbadams

    The first thing my game is unplayable with 30fps, is a puzzle game, so it is important the physical.

    The second with 4 physical objects is also unplayable ... and I was 100 tutorials and nothing changes these things ...

    And I still think it's a scam, that I can do to get my money back? go any association?

  • cesarzevil, Please post your capx. I think all of us here agree that there's a very good chance your game can be optimised to get the frame rate you want. It's at least worth trying before you give up entirely.

  • cesarzevil

    No offence intended, but you're just not coming across as reasonable -- if the product genuinely doesn't offer the capabilities it advertises then you would definitely be in the right to ask for your money back -- but that simply isn't the case.

    Why don't you try getting some help to see if you can fix your problem? Other people have achieved some great results with Construct 2, so it's very obviously possible to do so, and if you're getting unacceptable performance with only 4 objects it's likely there's something amiss that could be fixed to improve your results.

    Honestly, it's coming across as if you aren't interested in getting help and don't actually want to try to fix your game.

    Are you using CocoonJS? Ashley asked earlier in the topic, and you haven't answered.

    How are you testing your game? Are you actually running it on the device in question? Have you been doing so from the beginning of your project as advised in the "performance tips" manual entry? Again, you were asked about this earlier in the topic but haven't responded to it.

    I understand that you don't want to share what you're hoping will be your game with everyone -- you want to be able to sell it! However, if you're having the problem even with a reduced number of objects in the scene or without your events then something is obviously wrong -- how about producing a new, simple capx that's similar to your game and sharing that so that people can help you.

    The simple fact is that Construct 2 is capable of better performance than you're describing, and it wouldn't be fair to Scirra to have to give you a refund because you're doing something wrong and refusing to try to fix it.

  • And that you like, that I posted all my game, so they try to steal my idea or change four things and already have a game made?

    I'm using cocoonjs

  • I specifically suggested that you not share your actual game because you were concerned about that.

    Produce a new, similar but simpler capx -- one that uses the same types of objects and events, but not assembled into your actual game play -- that demonstrates the same problem, and share that.

    If what you've said about still experiencing the problem when you remove objects or even your entire event sheet is true this should be pretty easy to do, and then people will actually be able to offer you some suggestions; you might even discover the problem for yourself during the process.

    How are you testing your game? Are you actually running on your iPhone, and have you been testing using the iPhone during the whole process as suggested?

    Do you have pixel rounding turned on?

    Do you have WebGL turned on?

    Do you have sampling set to "point"?

    Do you have clear background set to "no"?

    Do you use a lot of loops in your events?

    Are your sprites overly large? Do you rotate or resize them often during game play?

    Do you have a lot of animations and/or lengthy animations? What speed are they set to play at?

    Are your sprites semi-transparent, and do you use any effects on them?

    Do you use particles?

  • Stop yelling at C2 - it's the best game engine in the world.

    Just tested a physics/collisons game in safari on iPhone5 - runs smooth like a hot knife through the butter with like more than 30 objects on stage.

    Runs between 50-60 FPS.

  • It's beginning to look like this is a lost case people, lets look on the bright side, the world has probably been spared, yet another physics puzzler...

  • nonsense to say shut the <img src="smileys/smiley35.gif" border="0"> up ...

  • cesarzevil, we get that you're frustrated, but you need to keep a cool head about this. Nobody told you to shut up. There's been some bad advice given in this thread, but most of it has been good, and you seem to have ignored all the good stuff.

    I still think that this is a matter of incorrect use of the software rather than the software itself, and I strongly suggest that you send an email to Scirra directly with your capx. That way the best possible people can have a look through your project without you standing to have anyone steal your idea/game/whatever.

    I'm not saying that it's unreasonable to ask for a refund if the software doesn't do as advertised, or even if it's just not suitable for you (in my country, we have a seven day, no questions asked return policy for all goods, for example), but I do think that you should give it a proper go before giving up.

  • cesarzevil

    I don't mean to talk in place of Ashley but what I think could be a solution is:

    you send your capx to him, he can look at it and test it, and if he admits your game can't be optimize at all without entirely changing the gameplay, maybe, he can refund your license.

    But please don't take my word for it, it's just an idea. The problem with refund, is that he can't really inactivate your license file. So I'm pretty sure it's not something really possible.

    But at least, it would answer one important question: can your game be made to work on today's smartphones.

    Because up until now, except for angry useless provocative talks, nothing really changed. And I'm pretty sure that between a working game and a refund, you would rather prefer a working game.

    We don't really know if your low fps is a result of your inexperience, or really a too demanding design.

    If Ashley doesn't really have time to look at it, I'm pretty sure, you can send your capx to some of the guy here who proposed to help and have more than 2,000 Rep (which means they are pretty active here, so well known, so usually trustworthy and no thieves).

    We usually prefer to work on our own idea (:

    I would gladly propose to help, unfortunately I don't own any smartphone to test anything, so it would make things a bit hard.

    I could still look at it if there are obvious flows, but not much.

    Once again, please try to not get angry over people trying to help (:

  • You can't help someone if they don't really want to be helped. He has repeatedly ignored advice and questions that may help find the issue.

    cesarzevil As mentioned DO NOT share your game Capx file, but create a new capx file with a similar setup (none of your original graphics or proprietary content). If you cannot reproduce the issue using generic images and objects, then that is more proof that it is your project causing the issue and not the tools. If you can get this behavior with no events and only your objects with physics assigned, then it should be no problem for you to recreate the issue in a new capx that nobody would "want to steal". If you can't recreate the issue, again, more pointers toward an issue with your project.

    But if you refuse to listen to reason and not take the advice from those who have actually successfully created physics games on these platforms then the issue is between the keyboard and the chair... PEBCAK Error...

  • Here I leave one level of my game ... 30 fps and iphone is unplayable, in firefox is perfect.

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