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  • Although I do get laggy performance in mobile browsers with my games, I'm also doing insane amounts of crap all the time. I never really expected my stuff to work on something that runs at 1.2ghz or whatever.

    On my nexus 7 I can hit 30fps with my insanity's blade app, but Go!Go!Maddi!... not a chance. Way too many webgl fx etc etc to think I'm going to get it to work. Mobile just needs to step it up with HTML5/WEBGL. Construct 2 is fantastic!

    The only thing that seems to kill performance with my games is the gravity. But I have work arounds for that. If it's not on the screen it doesn't need to be falling yet, gravity off.

  • To you be gone well, but I have bad experience with the program. My game is pretty unplayable, and that annoying little fluid.You really need to first fix all the little details that me and other have already mentioned.

    Also, you mentioned you didn't understand half of what I wrote in my last post. Ask for help then!

    But don't blame SC2 for stuff that you did that needs to be done the right way.

  • How lucky that I also work ios games some people. I changed a few things from my CapX and not notice no difference, I appreciate your help California, but at least I do not served :(

  • gg

  • It's not fair to blame C2 for these problems. Nobody ever claimed that a C2 program would perform perfectly on every platform. It's obvious (and stated) that mobiles run much, much slower than desktop PC's. But even with a desktop PC there are limits. You wouldn't put a million sprites on the screen, see the frame-rate drop to 1 fps and then blame C2. There are limits and you need to test for these limits from the beginning.

    As an example, I recently decided to try my hand at developing a mobile game. Since I didn't even have a mobile with a touch-screen, I went out and bought the worse one I could, so that I could test on it. I was aware from the beginning that I'd have to be careful not to throw too many objects around and although I do most of my testing on the PC (I have a very powerful PC) I make sure to test on the phone at least once a day. It runs around 30fps, sometimes a bit lower. But if it starts to drop to 20fps, I know I need to make changes to my game. It's not because C2 is bad, it's because the phone is bad. If I developed the same game using a different program, I'd still have the same problems - the phone wouldn't suddenly become more powerful.

  • Hm I have been loading crap into my project for the kicks, I have done the deploy on network for my home network tried on a crappy $70 android tab, my old laptop my new laptop and i still am hitting 30-60fps and i piled in 200+ images

    I cant fathom what he did, A link to the cap file would be useful though

  • Yeah mine works fine on a poor mobile phone too. I have 50 to 100 sprites on-screen at times with lots of collision detection. It occasionally drops to 10 fps but most of the time it's smooth. Problems with the sound but that's a different issue.

    He said he was using physics, which are very processor-heavy. I found that any more than 10 physics objects had my phone struggling.

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  • Yudraciell There is a difference between collisions with solids and platforms, etc... and Physics. He is specifically talking about physics objects which are CPU intensive. Mix that with inefficient design and it can bod down quickly.

    I can have hundreds of objects in a platformer, but physics based objects are a whole other ball game...

  • cesarzevil

    Perhaps you could give the latest beta release of Construct 2 (r129) a go -- it includes experimental support for using the native version of Box2d (the physics engine Construct uses under the hood) for CocoonJS exports and can potentially offer 3-4X increases in performance; note however that it is currently still experimental and had a couple of small known issues which are noted on the update page. Based on past experience we can probably expect Scirra to have these (and any other issues) fixed pretty quickly.

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