Construct 2 + CocoonJS + MoPub + AdMob

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  • I have this problem, my game controls are in the bottom side and when the player is playing i move the banner to the top, and it appears for 1 frame, but its not possible to click it, its that bannable?

    If yes, what is the solution? show the ad for 3-4 secs?

    I tried disabling mopub marketplace and the problem continues with admob+inmobi

    Can be possible to find a solution with a plug-in that disables completely cocoonjs ads, while you dont refresh or preload?

  • ByR I don't think it matters about the placement, as long as its shown. An impression needs to be shown for the duration, if you read their guides, typically 60s. So if i understand it, you have banner on the bottom, but move it to the top when players move. It's still onscreen? If so, no problem.


    I haven't see that happen in a real compiled App, but seen weird stuff running through the launcher, if that helps.

  • Sorry but i didn't explain well. I'm talking about bans because "fake impressions". I asked if you are banned simply for very short impressions or because you use these impresions with bad intentions (unwanted clicks).

    Anyway, im testing some changes in cocoonjs plugin and maybe i can fix the problem.

  • They specifically want their Ads to be shown for the entire duration of the refresh rate you set, ie. 60s in this case. Read their "Best Practice" guides and its quite clear anything outside the normal is not acceptable if they find out. This includes hiding banners before they expire as well as putting them in locations that interfere with gameplay and cause unwanted clicks.

    Edit: I only do 350 x 50 banner Ads, because I feel using fullscreen Ads will really piss many users off very quickly. I know I get pissed when I play games and it's spamming Ads like that in my face.

  • Thanks for the answers man.

    What ad size are you using for your apps? Is there a way to set Ads size based on screen size?

  • Ok folks, first test.... SUCCESS!!

    I fixed the problem with CocoonJS Ads and "Hide banner". Right now in my tests if you use "hide banner" in "on start layout" the banner doesn't appear again. The only problem is that the first call of the banner doesn't work (the banner is not showed in the first "on start layout-> show banner" but works in the next layout).

    We need more tests, so if someone want test it, here is what i did:

    -Open Runtime.js from cocoonjs plugin folder

    -Comment or remove the lines 90,91,92,93,94 (its an "if)

    -Save the file, open construct2 and compile.

  • Now im having a weird thing with my ads when i test it with the CocoonJS launcher on iPad, i set it to apear on Top but when it refreshes it apears for 1 frame in the bottom and then goes back to the top, wtf?

  • Now im having a weird thing with my ads when i test it with the CocoonJS launcher on iPad, i set it to apear on Top but when it refreshes it apears for 1 frame in the bottom and then goes back to the top, wtf?

    i get the same problem, when it refresh with a new ad, a banner ad flashes in middle of screen for less than 1 second then move to the top. didn't happen if i place banner at bottom

  • Yup same for me when i place it at the bottom it doesnt happens, i really need to get the ad at the top for my gameplay. Does anyone know if this just happens in the launcher? If this actually happens with the compiled .apk we can have problems for fake impresions i think

  • Hi, can someone tell me if has this problem?

    I use mopub+admob+inmobi in android, and when i lose wifi signal and i recover it while playing, the game crash.

  • Which is the admob ID that I have to put on Mobpub? publisher ID (in my account info) or banner ID (in my app info)

  • Francy11 The tutorial covers all of that pretty well.

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  • Is this ID on Top right of admob home page? (called ID publisher)

  • Hi, I'm having a problem and I'm hoping someone here could help. I've tried to integrate AdMob ads to my Android game, and followed all the instructions on the tutorial to the letter. I'm trying to show a banner ad. It shows up fine during testing on the CocoonJS launcher - which I assume it's a test ad, and not really getting the ads trough my admob and mopub accounts.

    After compiling and installing it on a mobile device, however, no banner appears. No ad show up at all. What am I doing wrong?

  • It can take a few hours for ads to start being sent to the game the first time. Also, make sure you have disabled the default test ad and mopub default ads in the mopub dashboard so that only the admob ad is enabled (marked green in the dashboard).

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