Construct 2 + CocoonJS + MoPub + AdMob

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  • you hit the spot adblocker is the problem. thanks man.

  • Hi szymek, could you make a video tutorial on how to put admob in my game please, I really appreciate it.

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  • agamccd


    it's enough to read all posts in this topic

  • szymek

    I read all the posts but I can not add the banner to my game, I really tried but my English is not very good and I can not find some iDs.

    can someone help please?

  • agamccd

    in Construct 2

    1. Open event sheet

    2. Add "System" > On start layout

    3. Add "CocoonJS" plugin action: show banner on bottom screen

  • szymek

    already did that, but the banner does not appear. I think my error is in the following steps, but i dont not exactly what I'm doing wrong

    1st Create account add app on AdMob + info + get AdMob banner ID

    2nd Create account add app on MoPub + info + get + put MoPub ID AdMob banner ID in network settings

    Create account on 3rd CocoonJS and mail them for support MoPub ads; When supportet ads - then add app info and put MoPub ID for this project

  • did you add AdMob ID ("Networks") and setup 0.01$ on "Segment" on MoPub dashboard?

  • szymek

    yes I did it.

    this step I thing is my problem (3rd CocoonJS and mail them for support MoPub ads; When supportet ads - then add app info and put MoPub ID for this project)

    I can not find where to put the MoPub ID on cocoonjs dashboard, so my project has no connexion with MoPub

  • agamccd

    1. select your project in CocoonJS dashboard

    2. go to services > configuration

    3. in 'ads services' change from 'not enabled' to 'MoPub'

    if you don't see above, then o_O - it was stated million times that it needs premium account on Ludei

  • szymek

    I'm sorry, but the only person who said anything about premium account was blackmoondev or maybe everyone is trying to say that, but as my English is not good I could not understand.

    How I can get a premium account?

    I fill a form about CocoonJS Extensions but nothing happened

    sorry men and thanks for help me.

  • agamccd

    write e-mail to

    and tell them that you filled the form

    and don't get any reply

  • szymek Any chance you might have a few minutes to Skype or something sometime so I can make sure I am registering the admob unit on the mopub account? They have made some changes lately and it just has me give them my admob credentials and then they make the connection. But I can't be sure they are pulling the ad unit correctly so want to see if you can show me where to put the ad unit ID for admob in as I don't see it on any of the other pages anymore...

  • BluePhaze

    Where to put AdMob banner ID:

    Before doing anything: add your app to MoPub and add banner unit to this app (by doing that you will get MoPub ID that should be copy/pasted in CocoonJS dashboard [premium version])

    1. Go to Networks tab

    2. Click "Add a Network"

    3. Choose "AdMob" network and add it

    --- if you don't see this, then turn off AdBlock etc ---

    4. Now you will see Networks (1) | Segments (1)

    5. Click on "AdMob" link under Networks (1) and then "Edit Network" --- add your AdMob ID in right place and save changes

    6. Go back to "Networks" and click Segments (1), and then on "Global Segment", there put 0.01 USD under "Network CPM" and click "Set" button, so set this CPM to your app

  • Thanks szymek! That is perfect!

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