Construct 2 + CocoonJS + MoPub + AdMob

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  • I created simple game using Construct 2 and then compiled using CocoonJS.

    As ads I used MoPub and added code from AdMob. I used Leadboard (728x90)


    The problem is that even with 300+ impressions (showed on AdMob account

    and MoPub account) I still get 0 clicks.

    So my question is: is it Construct 2 (r138.2) fault or CocoonJS or mine? :)

  • That's not uncommon. One of my apps on ipad has 300 impressions today and 0 clicks. Same app on iphone has 330 with 4 clicks.

  • ok, thanks for reply

    so I will just wait longer

    (however on 'native' AdMob SDK I always got some clicks fast)

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  • You need to get a lot of plays for it to make any real difference. Not many ads get clicked on. Think how many ads you see, and how many you clicked on out of that many.

    For me, I probably click on 1 in 10000. But I'm a worst case. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi szymek, can you tell me, how to add admob in my game? I am new on this :)

  • szymek it was complicated the first time, than I made a spreadsheet to keep track of all my ID's (publisher ID,unit ID). Even though MoPub website is bad structured, I got used to it

    From what I read in some books about monetize you game, putting buttons next to banners is not the honest way to go...but generates more clicks.

  • the biggest problem is that on Java app 320x50 banner would look good on any resolution, and on CocoonJS it will be big on i.e. 800x480 and terrible small on 1280x720 (and so on)

    anyway: banner on top = -50% clicks, banner on bottom = +50% clicks; more touches in app = more clicks...

    but as I stated in many posts: Java dev can make real money on entry ad + interstitial ad + banner ad + exit ad; and C2 dev can make pennies on AdMob banners. Quite unfair :)

    summing up:

    everyone interested should mail i.e. and push them to support Construct 2

  • 0 - add CocoonJS in Construct 2, put "show banner ad" on i.e. menu eventsheet, level eventsheets etc.

    for example: on layout start show banner on bottom center; on layout end hide banner

    1st Create account on AdMob + add app info + get AdMob banner ID

    2nd Create account on MoPub + add app info + get MoPub ID + put AdMob banner ID in network settings

    3rd Create account on CocoonJS and mail them for MoPub ads support; when ads supportet - then add app info and put MoPub ID for this project

    compile CocoonJS

    and check if everything works on debug-signed APK

    points 1-3 may look complicated, but it is 5 minutes of copy/paste

    (i.e. copy AdMob banner ID to MoPub dashboard; copy MoPub ID to CocoonJS dashboard)

    szymek Really usefull information. Thank you very much

  • your welcome. Other good practice is to put ads settings in 'Ads' eventsheet, and then just include it where needed

  • Hi, thanks for the advice.

    I have not done step 1, but the other steps.

    When running my app (installed manually on my Android device) I get a white banner from Mopub saying "test app click here" etc..

    It that as it should be, or is it supposed to show adds?

  • WizLore

    you can turn off MoPub test ads (and put AdMob) on MoPub dashboard :)

  • I cannot see the option to do this. So I am missing something.

    Is the "AdMob Default ID" necessarily to fill in, or only the publisher ID?

    Only the demo is showing on the dashboard. :/

  • Go to Overview / App Details

    Under "Ad Source Breakdown" section there should be "MoPub Marketplace" - just stop it

    about "AdMob default ID" - just paste AdMob banner ID next to your app, and tick "enabled"

  • I can't seem to stop the "Mopub Marketplace"

    In "settings" I have the option to turn off Marketplace, but it does not update the information.. Maybe server-lag... I try again tomorrow.

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