Construct 2 + CocoonJS + MoPub + AdMob

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  • Thanks for the clarification! I had thought based on prior reading that you had to add your admob ad unit ID's into the mopub dashboard somewhere. Thanks for clearing it all up!

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  • BluePhaze

    you're welcome

  • szymek And just to be sure, sorry for another question... this should work no matter where it is published to right? My cocoonJS projects get put on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon (Kindle/Android) and Barnes and Noble (Nook).

  • BluePhaze

    on CocoonJS: Services > Ads you will see:

    • Apple AppStore
    • Google PlayStore
    • Amazon

    so you should have MoPub ID for each appstore;

    same with AdMob: one banner for Google Play, one banner for iTunes

    with Amazon I don't have knowledge

    about iTunes: remember that if your app is for kids younger than 13 years old, then you should have some kind "parental gate" (google it)

  • anyone have any trouble with this lately? it doesn't seem to work with my latest app, in logcat i see the message "No inventory found for adunit" but I think I have everything configured correctly. I guess I'll give it some time and see if it just takes a while for inventory to start working

  • russpuppy

    I guess that you put 0.01$ in "Segments"

    if yes, then maybe it's because january = smaller ad budgets

    and so on...

  • szymek, thanks yeah I wasn't aware of the new .01 segment thing until I re-read the scirra tutorial. Thankfully I do have banner ads showing up now.

  • Hello

    Where do I find the id of units in FullScreen MoPub ... of course, after that I created!

  • russpuppy have you gotten fullscreen ads to work yet?

  • BluePhaze yes they are working though fill rate doesn't seem to be as good as banner ads

  • I followed this great tutorial and got it to work flawlessly, so thank you.

    Any idea if we should change the CPM to higher than 0.01 later?

  • :( I followed this tutorial, and I'm not getting any ads appearing. I did have ads appearing that were a demo, and in my cocoonjs Launcher debug I was seeing ads... but in my final version not even the space for them is appearing.

    As far as I'm aware I've followed the tutorial, but some of it doesn't appear to match up. For example, I can't add my ID anywhere in the dashboard section of MoPub as far as I can tell.

  • For me, my ad source breakdown on the MoPub dashboard is empty... but I can see my game and my ads alongside it. Is it a good idea to just delete everything and start again?

  • AnD4D, I had exactly the same problem: for about a week I couldn't get anything to work other than the test ads and then I saw a not too obvious notice telling me that my account was suspended pending approval. I sent them an email and everything was working within a day. I can't remember the exact wording but it was on the Dashboard just under the main menu bar. Hope that helps.

  • Colludium

    Your access to Marketplace is currently being reviewed. You can enable your inventory and set minimum CPMs during this process; note that Marketplace will not serve ads until you have been approved. If you have questions, please contact ***.

    That one? Doh... I thought that was only for Marketplace, and wouldn't affect my AdMob adverts...

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