Construct 2 + CocoonJS + MoPub + AdMob

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  • szymek thnx was very helpful

    yet i have some problems

    i have set it up as you described, i haven't yet published the app, but when i run the compiled version i get a "welcome to mopub" where the ad should be.

    any idea why?

    and about the Admob integration i can't find the where to put the publisher id in the ludei cloud compiling?

  • xXxForsakenxXx

    you have to put AdMob banner ID on MoPub dashboard:

  • I can't seem to stop the "Mopub Marketplace"

    In "settings" I have the option to turn off Marketplace, but it does not update the information.. Maybe server-lag... I try again tomorrow.

    same here added the admob id after i created the app

    but i can only see the test ad

  • I found that the dashboard updates automatically whatever you have activated.

    I can advice you to try another another browser when dealing with Mopub, some setting I can't seem to update with Chome.

    Also, if you don't add one or more networks, you won't get a good fillrate (few ads will show up).

  • I'm trying to get the MoPub + Admob + Cocoonjs combo working too but it's not going well. I followed the steps in the earlier posts to configure MoPub and AdMobs but I still can't get anything to show.

    In the MoPub Inventory screen, when an ad unit is selected, should I be able to see an ad when I click on the 'Test Ad'? Right now I can't get anything to show. Any help would be appreciated.

  • I have a problem with adding ads to my Html5 > iOS game:(

    1. Setup MoPub account and got the MoPub banner id - check

    2. Setup AdMob account and get the AdMob banner id - check

    3. Add AdMob network to MoPub and put AdMob banner id as a source of ads for MoPub banner - check

    4. Get the CocoonJS premium account - check

    5. Add ads extension with AdMob enabled and compile the projects - check

    When I compile the game myself I only get "Welcome to mopub!" banner:(

    Any tips how to fix that?

  • New 1.4.5 Version of CocoonJS

    • Added support for iOS7
    • Dropped support for iOS 4.3
    • Improvements in Core Javascript communication
    • Added support for Google Play Games
  • Did CocoonJS 1.4.5 break admob? I am having this same issue.

  • szymek

    I can't find admob banner id anywhere after adding app .Is it same as publisher id?

  • szymek

    3.and mail them for MoPub ads support; when ads supported - then add app info and put MoPub ID for this project

    I did't get it.Please be little elaborate for all the steps(0-4).It is all very valuable set of information,i am unable to find anywhere else.

    Thank you in advance.

  • mopub integration sucks. 3 days i've been doing this and i cant find the field where to enter your admob id. when i click admob under networks it just give me this.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • fernanm:

    I was struggling with that too.

    on the networks page on MoPub, disable your browsers AdBlocker and refresh, that should then display all the network fields to fill in and add a network.

    I however am still struggling with this, I can get MoPub to display it's test ad, and i've got AdMob set up through MoPub's Networks, but it still won't display anything but the Test Ad =

    Exactly the same as blackmoondev is getting in the post at the top of this page, having gone through the same steps!

  • 1. on Networks subpage you have to put your AdMob ID for your app

    2. on Segments subpage you have to setup minimal 0.01$ for your app

    if you will not do both thing - you will never see AdMob ads

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  • Ahha!

    Thanks Szymek!

    That seems to have solved it for me! And doesn't seem to be documented anywhere else that i've found lol.

    Appreciate it :)

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