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  • I'm happy with the news ^^

    But ludei, referring to the post splash screen you gave two possible solutions. The main, which involves disabling the screencanvas and the other that I did not really understand how it should be done. What is the idea behind this other solution?

  • Hello,

    > What about memory management?


    Some days ago, we published in the "How do I..." forum regarding the flickering screen and we said we were doing some research about the memory management. Well, we are right now working on it. Could anyone please provide us with a really heavy .capx for our testing?

    Vuuv, we are also taking into account your hint. If you can send us your project, we will be glad to do some testing with it too.


    ludei I can make up a demo app. Where should I send it to make sure it gets to the right people?

  • I've prepared a demo app that has 4 layouts. Each layout is using about 30mb of memory according to the C2 debugger. Touching the layout moves to the next layout. This will give a total of about 120 mb usage total.

    As soon as I get home I will take some memory usage recordings with my ipad and mac and package it all up and sent to ludei.

  • Also add a webgl effect like warp ripple to a layer in each. As I think that will help highlight garbage collection issues.

  • Will do.

  • OK, I also added warp effect to an images on each layout. Anything else TheWyrm you can think of?

  • ArcadEd Nah, it sounds like you have done what's required to create the problem. The only possible thing I can think of is making sure you both audio and sprites. As it could be caused by loading all audio at the start rather than sprite or vice versa. However.. people have reported all assets getting loaded so probably isn't specific but you never know...

  • how about issue with pixel art game, its blurry unless set to webgl.

  • hollowthreat I would treat that as a separate issue and report it on github so a separate line of inquiry can be established.

  • I sent ludei an email with the Capx, but here is what I captured.

    CAPX is 4 layouts. Each layout is about 40-45mb of memory usage when checked with the C2 debugger. Lots of big images, plus one WebGL Effect (Warp Ripple) applied to one of the images.

    Touching the screen moves to to the next layout. Tested on ipad mini.

    Memory (RED) is what you want to look at.

    Now, first time game is loaded and on the first layout.

    Touched Screen, and now second layout

    Touched Screen, and now third layout

    Touched Screen, and now fourth layout

    Touched Screen, back to the first layout

    Touched Screen, second layout, second time.

    Touched Screen, third layout, second time.

    Touched Screen, fourth layout, second time.

    So I am wondering if CJS is dropping unused images from memory when a memory warning is coming up on the device. Instead of dropping all the images from the previous layout and loading in the new ones for the new layout.

  • last question to ludei

    can you see - somehow - if MoPub is sending portrait or landscape ad (AdMob case)? because last time when I was testing interstitials, sometimes MoPub was sending portrait ads (even if I ticked landscape only), and when portrait ad was showed on landscape view, then going back to game resulted in little zoom of layout

  • ArcadEd, the Ludei gave any answers?

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  • No, it's the weekend, not really expecting to hear back from them until Monday or Tuesday.

  • ArcadEd, Actually I was hoping they could have answered it on Friday.

    Seizing the moment that ludei is trying to solve these problems, I would like to point out that since release, "R168" of the construct, the Tiled Background no longer works as it should.

    It creates seams or gaps in texture.

    how-do-i-avoid-tile-seams-with-cocoonjs-export_t106037?start=10 ... 2-anymore-

    Can anyone confirm this problem too? I myself went through this already.

  • I would post it in a separate thread or post it here

    That way we can keep the issues in a different threads.

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