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  • Ahh gotcha . I'm in the same time zone, as them.

  • I do find this whole C2 mobile situation fascinating. It seems to me that at present ludei offer the best working wrapper for iOS and a not bad Android one either. However, there is a dark history which lead to it being unsupported by C2.

    The XDK using Crosswalk and Cordova looks like the next best all in one service, but for some reason the focus is primarily on the PhoneGap build service for iOS. Which is shame since with full feature support I believe it could be the best IF iOS8 is used by a large majority. Cordova and PhoneGap are basically the same thing, but does that mean they will run the same features and plugins exactly the same? I'm not sure.

    Then there is PhoneGap, but I hesitate to pay for a monthly subscription until iOS8 majority is reached, and not sure why I would want to assuming Cordova is the same.

    Confusing times to release games...

  • It is, and all this other stuff is new and seems to be working out the kinks still. Like CJS several months ago.

    I don't know, for me the decision has been easy, especially with the fixes Ludei has made recently. CJS works great for me, so I will just stick with it .

  • I'm thinking the same thing. I just hope there is nothing that requires a C2 change if things break.

  • ArcadEd ludei TheWyrm

    Is there any updated tutorial that explains how to publish to iOS using cocoonjs? I say, using Ads, Game Center / leaderboards, achievments etc.

    A while ago, I heard of users who have had difficulty getting the app approved for iOS using cocoonjs, I have some fears that part yet.

  • Well I submitted my app about 8 days ago. Just got the email today that it is currently in review.

    In my app has:

    Game Center (Leaderboards and Achievements)

    Ads - Mopub/iAd

    So I will let you know if it passes it or not, and the reason if it doesn't.

  • vitorfgd Yeah, I was one of those people. I chased it down and Ludei fixed it ->

    You just need to look at the capx on github to see how it works. However, it doesn't explain setting on the facebook, gamecentre, google play game services side of things. I'm sure that can be googled though.

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  • Oh, thanks for the quick response. Being possible to find the updated information on the internet, I can turn around, this is simple.

    I wanted to take the doubt, because until then, I was just looking at the android side.

    I hope not to bother you, but could explain a little better what is the sandbox mode on iOS? I saw some people mentioning, but I just started studying this part.

    I'm looking at what I need here:

    But using cocoonjs, everything works the same way?

  • Well, I would like to know some of ludei opnion about this news: ... uary-2015/

    With the requirement of applications in 64 bits, starting in February. This seems something very impactful.

    I think the ideal would ask this in the Ludei Forum. But as I am with limited access, the question will there only later.

  • That's weird man, I don't know. I never had the issue before.

    Have you tried making an IPA and installing it on your device and seeing if it works?

    Weirdly, the IPA won't run... just says "installing". Reckon there's something wrong once I export to Xcode. It works once I run the compiled files through the app though...

    Le sigh.

  • Are you downloading and unzipping the the file on the mac?

    When you compile the IPA, you need to make sure you use the right provisioning profile that is linked to you devices, or the IPA won't install. Usually it says failed to install or something though.

  • Hello,

    We are currently working on the 64-bits support, so you won't find that problem by February .

    However, it doesn't explain setting on the facebook, gamecentre, google play game services side of things. I'm sure that can be googled though.

    We have some articles regarding some of these topics. We want to add more, as plenty of users are asking this kind of information. Meanwhile, you might find interesting this one:

    It is explain how to use our JS Plugins, but C2 plugin uses the same process in the inside for all the Social Services, so you can just skip that part.

    Apart from that, we are finishing testing the new release, but we found some minor bugs we are fixing right now. I will keep you all inform, but I would like to ask you a little bit of patience. Sorry for any inconvenience, we don't want you to wait neither.


  • ludei Thanks for the information. I'm sure everyone would agree that we prefer a thoroughly tested release rather than a quick one.

    I assume you're also updating your facebook api? Hence the hold on Facebook CocoonJS features?

  • Thank you for all the attention and the information ludei, hope anxiously for news <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    But if possible, you would know if this new version Samsung device problems were solved? ... nJS-v2-0-2

    As you can see, other users already notice this problem at some time.

    (Just read the comments at the link I spent)

  • But if possible, you would know if this new version Samsung device problems were solved?

    I am sorry, but if we keep on adding features, the release won't be ready until next month. We are aware about all the new issues we are receiving regarding this topic, but we need to focus in the more general ones and, as soon as we can, we will investigate the rest, because there is not a common error reported through the log.

    About Facebook, yes, we are aware of it and working on it.

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