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  • They are working on it, but you also need to make sure and optimize your assets. Right now CJS does not do layout by layout loading, so everything is loaded into memory when the game first loads.

  • THX!!

  • ludei Have you updated the CocoonJS Plugin Demo.capx on Github? I updated the plugin and tried to open the capx and got this error

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  • ludei I also can't see the option to post to a wall for Facebook? So how does this work? Do I login with the social login action then use the official C2 Facebook object? How does this work if I want to use both Google Play Game Services and Facebook?

  • TheWyrm

    The problem was solved and they added the option of "Native Share".

  • Hello,

    Yes, we solved the problem and we added that feature. It was included in the previous commit but it was commented as it was not tested. Now we can confirm it works fine.

    TheWyrm, we answered you in the issue you opened in the Github, in which it was mentioned that there was not a publishing method yet. We still didn't adapt the plugin to the 3.0.0 version, so se don't want to add to many functionalities until we do it. We will do it in the near future. In addition, please, avoid repeating topics, because it is more difficult for us to control if the answer has been given or not (or even if the problem persists or it is just old information). If you post the problem on Github, we will receive the notification at the very moment.

    Apart from the Plugin, I would like to inform you all we will wait to post everything related to the memory management until Tuesday, because we plan to make a new release and we added some new tools. We decided it was better to explain everything once you can test it.


  • ludei thanks for the update.

  • ludei , excellent news. Thanks!

  • The below is information intended for the C2 community and not Ludei (I'll write yours at github).

    So I can confirm that the Facebook functionality is working in the launcher apart from share (but that maybe a misunderstanding).



    Leaderboards (Not sure if this is a Ludei leaderboard using facebook ids or a Facebook leaderboard?)

    Achievements. (Again not sure if this is a Ludei achievement system using facebook ids or a Facebook achievement system?)

    Share - The action requires you to provide a text string. Then when called it pops up the devices share dialog to which you pick an application. I picked the facebook app on my android phone but it didn't add the text to share dialog. So not really sure how it works.

  • So I have had reply from Ludei about the above.

    Leaderboards and achievements are using the social platform services and not Ludei's.

    The share function is just a general device share function. So lets say you had a link you could share it to chrome. So nothing to do with the social stuff.

    There are no wall post functions at the moment. That said it could work in combination with the official C2 Facebook object. That would need testing when I get chance though.

  • TheWyrm

    Thanks for the hard work man.

  • ArcadEd No worries. I'm trying to get them to merge calimaborges's facebook extension ( ... ded-plugin) into the official plugin, or at least use it to get the additional features quicker. However, I suspect they will wait until at least Tuesday when they release 3.0.

  • Which is cool. The waiting is much more reasonable now. Always seems like all these changes happen right when I am releasing a game LOL. Oh well, means I can update the game soon.

  • Hey guys, just want to thank you all for putting so much time into this! You have no idea how much you have just helped me now that things are working again. Also, it's nice to see Ludei posting here more often.

  • No problem. Glad to help.

    ArcadEd Yeah, I know that feeling!

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