The Big NW.js Roundup - News & Tips

  • I noticed this post was 3 YEARS OLD... HAs anything been done to make it easier to get a game on STEAM (Steamworks) or are all theses "workarounds" still applicable?

    This has been updated continously in the past 3 years, so the workarounds are legit.

  • I found an issue about the NWjs zoom pinch (togglable with ctrl+mouse wheel) that can't be disabled in viewport, which can be very inconvenient if used by accident by an unexperimented player and can ruin the game display, as well as making ctrl+mousewheel impossible to use in the events;

    (I am using the latest version of NWjs for C2)

    Also I tried to add the "js-flags" property to the package to use the "--disable-pinch" flag following the example of this topic, but I get this error message :

    Any idea of what could be the cause? Thanks in advance ~

    Edit : I tried to put the flag and export the game but it still doesn't work

    Edit 2 : Found another bug, it seems to concern HTML elements only, I'm using a slider bar and a list in my project, and this is how it looks before and after export :

    My project is 1980x1080, tested with both Letterbox scale modes, resizable windows enabled and disabled, it happens everytime after export;

    (just tested with a previous version to be sure, the problem happens only in the latest one)

  • The zooming issue and many more have been fixed in NW.js v0.43.4, I guess we'll get an official update next month when v0.44.0 is out.

    Please test the form issue again next month or upload something for me to reproduce. Screenshots aren't really useful and delay testing on my end.

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  • Tomycase One thing that came into my mind since you also reported the zoom issue. NWjs should save the zoom level after closing, did you make sure to reset it back to 100%? (Form size issue.)

  • You're talking about the issue I had with HTML elements right? That would explain the problem then, thanks

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