Swing Copters...From The Ground Up

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Select the Background layer and drag the following objects onto the Game layout.

-obj_Background, set at position 0,0

-3 obj_Clouds, set 1 at position 216, 308, the second at 216, -75 and the third at 216, -457

If you are using the free version, then also add obj_Pipes and set at position 0, 768. Otherwise, select the Midground layer, drag and drop obj_Pipes, and set at position 0,768

Select the Enemies layer and drag and drop following objects:

-obj_Girder, set at position -303, 70

-obj_Hamer, set at position -125, 78

Select the Player layer and add a new Sprite object. Name the sprite obj_Player. In the Image Editor right click in the Animation frames window and select Import frames: From files...

From the Player folder select both player images. In the Animation frame window delete the empty frame and mirror the image while holding down the Shift-key. Mirroring will occur for all frames.


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  • dazedangels We us this counter for the Medal screen. If your score is 10 and you die then on the Medal screen. Start at 0 and increase by 1 every 0.07 seconds until 10 is reached.


    Check this vid at 0:36.

    Hope this helps.

  • Why are we creating an event in "Game Over" to add 1 to ScoreCounter every 0.07 if ScoreCounter isn't equal to Score? What is ScoreCounter doing, if the game is over?

    "-System: Every X seconds, where seconds is 0.07"

    Thank you.