Swing Copters...From The Ground Up

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-System: Set layer visible

Set all the layers to visible. Remember that we made them invisible in the Intro Event sheet just before we jumped to the Game layout.

-obj_LeftPropeller: Destroy

-obj_RightRopeller: Destroy

-obj_Girder: Destroy

-obj_Hammer: Destroy

Since these objects are already on the layout, it is safe to destroy them. We will be creating or spawning these object later in the tutorial. There really is no use for these objects off the screen and they are only adding to the object count. It is not necessary to destroy any objects off screen that will NOT be created or spawned because these objects will only have a change of position. There is only 1 instance of these objects throughout the game.

-obj_Background: Set frame and for Frame use the System expression choose(0,1,2).

Remember that the background object consists of 3 frames. The expression choose will choose either 0, 1 or 2, corresponding to the background animation frame.

-System: Set value. Set variable to CloudColor and the value to choose(0,1,2)

Set the variable CloudColor to 0, 1 or 2. This will be used to select the obj_Clouds animation frame.

-LocalStorage: Check item exists. For Key, type "Hiscore"

Checks if the key Hiscore exists.


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  • dazedangels We us this counter for the Medal screen. If your score is 10 and you die then on the Medal screen. Start at 0 and increase by 1 every 0.07 seconds until 10 is reached.


    Check this vid at 0:36.

    Hope this helps.

  • Why are we creating an event in "Game Over" to add 1 to ScoreCounter every 0.07 if ScoreCounter isn't equal to Score? What is ScoreCounter doing, if the game is over?

    "-System: Every X seconds, where seconds is 0.07"

    Thank you.