Simple protection of published game. Part Two.

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THE SITELOCK: The sequel

First we need to modify once again our Set tmp to Browser.Domain action a bit more.

Select Set tmp to... action and open it. Select the value and copy it. Now in the same action choose CBHash->MD5 expression from the list

select "data" and paste what you copy earlier.

Unfortunately if you try to run your project now it will not work. Which is good because it means it is working fine.

Wonder "Why? Why it won't work?" - answer is simple.

If you start your game, then tmp will be set to CBHash.MD5(our domain name)

but now tmp = "" will never be true because

CBHash.MD5(Domain name) is no longer a string: "".

CBHash.MD5(Domain name) is now a string: "7673f261ec1083c81337407ca84957a6".

Remember the mess I was talking about? No we have it.

To make it work again we need to change our System compare condition.

Before we do that we need to hash our names and for that we need a MD5 Encrypter.

You can google it and choose which one you liked. I have chosen this one just because it was the first I found and works fine for me.


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