Simple protection of published game. Part Two.

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Gentelman start your Encrypters

If you remember we selected three web pages to upload our game




All you need to do is paste this names into MD5 Encryption and copy the encrypted string you get

You should get something like this

- - a396d90e0a910166cd2f1c7cd2df1496

- - 7673f261ec1083c81337407ca84957a6

- - 4cfac6d83b21e64dcba243dc59271a0d

To make it nice and clean we are going to add 3 more Local text variables

tmpS = "a396d90e0a910166cd2f1c7cd2df1496"

tmpD = "7673f261ec1083c81337407ca84957a6"

tmpK = "4cfac6d83b21e64dcba243dc59271a0d"

and we need to change our Compare conditions to

That's it. If you don't like "OR" condition" you can use logical OR |

System: tmp = tmpS | tmp = tmpD | tmp = tmpK = 1

Let's have a look into a source code one more time, This time I won't highlight anything.

Looks good for me, just a bunch of a meaningless mess!


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