Simple protection of published game. Part Two.

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The next level a.k.a. THE SITELOCK

Prepare your layout

This tutorial do not need any special requirements, and you should already know how to do this step, but let's do it together one more time.

Make a new project.

One Layout, one Event sheet. Windows Size set to 800x600. Rest is by default. Oh yes, if you want to be picky, you can set a Layer 0 Background color to rgb(192,192,192).

All you need is a Text object or SpriteFont to display simple message. I'll be using SpriteFont. Double click on empty space on layout and choose SpriteFont from the list

and place it somewhere on the layout. Properties of that object are not important... But if you want you can set them up as I did.

Use right mouse button on SpriteFont and select Align->Layout->Center horizontal.

And one more time: Align->Layout->Center vertical.

This will make our SpriteFont object aligned to center of our layout.

Do the same for Browser object and CBHash (remember to install it first!).

Unlike the SpriteFont these two objects do not require any setups.

We have finished our layout preparations. You can spend 5 seconds on contemplating how beautiful this is...

Ok. Move on.


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