Simple protection of published game. Part Two.

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But, are we?


Let's have a look to our source code.

You probably can't see it on image here... Let me highlight and magnify this for you

Typical. I just wasted you some much time... I'm sorry?

No, I am not.

This is the moment when CBHash comes into an action (literally an "Action").

I strongly suggest that you learn a bit more about CBHash before you wipe your hard drive clean!

... Nahh just kidding :P but I do recommend reading this tutorial CB Hash - MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing algorithms. if you want to learn some more about it.

*Basicly it takes a string that you'll give it as parameter and after a bit of computation will return it under an hashed form.

Ex: "Salut à vous" (hello you) returns "807a56a1e5736f1b9fe533dfcb06ebfd"*

Long story short. It will convert your strings and turn them into a mess.

But this is a mess we want and need!


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