Making a web app that saves pictures and loads from url its settings

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Program/App Settings


This stripped down version has 3 main layouts that manage the whole process.

Main layout

- this is a basic welcome screen that will be managing the following information.

- Incoming variable to determine if the layout jumps to the creator or to a pre-made scene

- pick male or female avatar.

Setup layout

- this layout works with the image capturing and also has the menu to pick a scene.

- Choose camera to take the picture and take the picture

- has a pre-defined "shape" to "crop" the picture for use. (it doesn't actually crop it just paints over all the background picture other than the shape area.)

- Canvas captures that image.

- Takes the user to the menu to pick the next scene. (this menu is located on this same layout)

Program layout

- this is where the actual hard stuff is done.

- This changes the main background to the one pertaining the picked scene from the previous menu

- It positions all the object markers and the animated "characters" including the player male/female avatar

- it ties the masked image with the player avatar

- It activates the "dancing" (side to side movement) on the female dancer characters

- Here we also have the share button which is responsible for the actual magic of the program (saving the image, saving the mysql/ajax data, generating a url)

[important notes]

the generated url will not work if the published html is not edited with the inclusion of the php variable script.

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