Making a web app that saves pictures and loads from url its settings

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@lucid was kind enough to provide me with a "compatibility" version of the scml plugin. If you were having trouble opening the capx that should solve it for you.


I had a few projects over my time with Construct 2. This particular project is a culmination of all the research done for every other project I've done so far.

The idea behind this project is to have an animated postcard in which the user can load a picture of him/herself into a pre-set scene on top of a generic character.

As this information is not of the life/death type the method used is the typical url variable method. However I do advise not to use this method for transferring of vital information or data that would become exploitable in your app or game.

Basic Requirements and resources:

- Construct 2 purchased edition. (the free one may work up to certain point but some of the more advanced features will not)

- Spriter know-how(I use the professional version) - this is an extra I use it for the animated characters. You can choose to hand make the animations but its more of a hassle than it should be.

- MYSQL server with php so you can make a database and process the php files that will be managing the information. (there's several free hosts with this features included)

- Said server will also act as the repository for the uploaded images (on a specific folder)

List of resources and references:

-- @stctr has a great plugin for sharing here. I used it over the facebook/twitter plugin because I found it to be simpler and efective you may choose to use something else. (in my case it was well worth the investment)

-- @ArcadEd has an awesome tutorial that explains how to read and or write information in a mysql database. I used his guidance for my project although I ended up using similar yet different methods.

-- @sosensible has an easy to follow tutorial on saving a snapshot here very useful. I do however find jpg much faster and smaller for my project than png but to each their own. However instead of savingthe snapshot to my computer (which is usefull on its own for other project) I'm actually sending it to the server via anther script.

-- For those who like to cut corners Joannes Peretz has some great plugins you can purchase that will also do the job of saving to the server and /or emailing if needed. Go give his store area a look.

Thanks to @arrall who toiled with the variable and picture part of this project along with me and came up with several solutions that were implemented into the project. I did modify the final scripts for the special needs of the final product however his help was invaluable.


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