Making a web app that saves pictures and loads from url its settings

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First of all you need to define which global variables you are going to need for your project. I personally like to make a list of features or processes and from there start to define which variables I'm going to be needing off the bat. Eventually some other variables will pop up in your head to add to the list. I try to keep most of my variables in one Sheet (usually the one that uses most of them) However for" ease of use" I keep some on the other layout sheets a swell. I like using global variables a lot so if you like to use local ones be my guest. I prefer to keep my data available trough all of my project.

I've gone ahead and commented the capx file to keep things a bit clearer.

Also I "generalized" the server information so you can prepare your own information.

I'm including a sql file called prueba.sql which has the table structure corresponding to the code examples I'm using. You can make your own mysql database and import that as a table structure.

The main layout has 4 text boxes tucked away outside of the main layout. They each have their own id's This is very important as it is the way through which we'll be communicating the information on the index.php and the construct 2 app.

(also please note that the in_dex.php is the index.php I added the underscore please remove it when using. Don't forget to delete the index.html we will be using the php version only)


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