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Now we came to our last and final game Alphabet or you can call it letters.

Your alphabet screen looks like

In box sprite add invisible sprite and name it InvisBox and set property to INVISIBLE too. Place it like in picture below.

Open your Event Editor and add these lines of code

As you know Pineapple does not start with letter A therefore you cannot place Pineapple objects in Box. It’s rejected by box. To do that we add EaseTween behaviour and set property like below.

Now add these lines below:

Now if you have followed this tutorial properly you will have created 3 in 1 games. If you have problem do not worry I have included CAPX for you to download and understand, and learn from it. If you still have any doubt please contact me.

From this tutorial only thing I ask is please leave comments and just thanks. Not much for my effort teaching with this tutorial.

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Download now 2.42 MB

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