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Name them as Apple, Apricot, Pineapple and Box. Your screen looks like below:

All screens layout is done now open Event Sheet Title and enter line below:

Now from here on we will design our project Layout by Layout and events. Therefore we can test each layout by testing it.

For Title layout events, open Title event editor and insert these line below;

System Start of layout > system Set Scroll X to 600

System Start of layout > system Set Scroll Y to 400

What we are instructing to Construct 2 to do is at start of layout centre our screen on X and Y. In our next line instructing to Construct 2 make our Guide Sprite hide it by making it INVISIABLE and also start background music to play.

Now run your project. Cool working nicely!

Now insert this line below for our Buttons;

Tap gesture for Shapebtn will trigger sound first, second line will stop music playing, and 3rd line will take to Shapes Screen layout. Other button just copy (ctrl & c) above lines and paste it (ctrl & v).

For buttons you will need Instance Variables in Family Property

1. Scale = 1

2. Grow = 1

I hope rest is easy to understand if not read Ashley & co famous manual. This manual is treasure if a beginner takes time to read it and not just glance over it or quick look.

Starting screen is done make sure you save your work frequently.


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