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Title of game is really we are designing 3 games in one CAPX (Construct 2). To designing this type of game is not hard but, one has to use logic. With Construct 2 it gives the impression that Ashley and Co has provide everything you need. All one needs to do is how to put into operation sensibly.

This tutorial will also work fine in free version too. Remember the limit for free version. To keep this in mind I have not used more than 3 layouts. Also FAMILY will not work in free version so for that free version you will have to do without family. I will show you how to get around family.

In this tutorial I will show you how to create game for Android, IPad, and other devices. Remember I will not have time to teach you how to export it to media. This you will have to learn from Ashley famous manuals. Let us start.

Open Construct 2 and create new project. Just call this project 3 in 1 at moment; because once you go through this tutorial you can design your own game. In this project my sprites and background are very simple and basic colours.

1. Set window size to 960 x 640

2. On property page click yes for pause on unfocused. This will help if mobile start ringing.

3. Set layout size to 1200 x 800

4. Set margin same please

5. Now create 2 more layers

6. Name them Background, Buttons and 3rd one Guide.

7. Create textbox and add text 3 in 1 Game.

This layout name it Title and event sheet to Title as well

Now for back ground create sprite name background and set size 960 x 640. Set position at x = 600 and y = 400. Now you must be thinking why this settings? Remember layer size is 1200 x 800m This setting will put our sprite in bang in middle.

Lock the background layer. Now before we add buttons we need to set our boundary so when you run the game it should start properly if not then all the buttons and other sprite will not line up. Now on Guide layout create sprite size 960 x 640 same as our windows size. Set Guide position at x = 600 and y = 400 this will set our Guide right in centre of screen. Set opacity to about 30 and set property to invisible so when you RUN it will not show up on any screens. Lock Guide layer.

1. Guide layer create sprite 960 x 640

2. Set position x = 600 y = 400

3. Lock Guide layer

Now on Button layer we need three (3) sprites and name them Shapebtn, Numbersbtn, Alphabetbtn. Set size 128 x 128

Now our Title screen should look something like below.

Please add TOUCH and AUDIO

I have used 9patch sprites as buttons.

Now if you run the game you will notice nothing is working out as we planned. Everything is on right hand side. We will correct all this when we start adding CODE.

Now create 3 more layouts and name them Shapes, Numbers, and Alphabet and also use same name for event sheet as well. So your Layout is like below:

Layouts Event Sheet

1. Title Title

2. Shapes Shapes

3. Numbers Numbers

4. Alphabet Alphabet

Now on Shapes Layout create 3 sprites and name them Circle, Square, and Star something like below:

Import these sprites created individually for this project.


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