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Layout number two:

Create 3 sprites and name them sprTriangle, sprCircle, sprStar. These 3 sprites will be holder for our shapes.

Add three new sprites and name it Triangle, Circle, and Star. These sprites will be our object that can be drag and drop on right place. These sprites if filled with solid colour.

For effects create 3 Particles object like this below and name it Trianglepop, Circlepop, Starpop.

For Particles you can use this property below

Now create 3 more sprites for shape placement in right order. Meaning Triangle goes on Triangle, Circle on Circle, Start on Star.

invisStar, invisCircle invisTriangle I have used invis as (INVISIABLE) 3 box

These sprite needs behaviour DragDrop, BoundToLayout. Place your sprites like below:

Now open your Event Editor and add these lines below:

First add global variable Shapedcomplete = 0

Now when we DragDrop object we need to do collision checks therefore add lines below?

Now copy ctrl+c above line and paste it ctrl+v. Now just replace circle to triangle and then copy, paste change to Star. Now we came to end of these sections and make our decision move forward or what?

Please learn code above and see how I have made my decision on my variable Shapedcomplete. On this conclusion I can move forward or not. This is end for shape layout. Save it and run.


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