Fighting Game Template

A well commented fighting game template to learn from or use as a base for your own game!

Try in Arcade!

A well commented fighting game template to learn from or use as a base for your own game!

Try in Arcade!

Fighting Game Template

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  • 2.1

    Released: 7 Jan, 2022

    Included a 1280x720 resolution version on this zip file (for Construct 2 and 3). Note: this zip file only has this screen resolution (for the smaller screen version, please download the previous one).

  • 2.0

    Released: 28 Aug, 2021

    Changes in version 2.0 - Simplified (a lot) the way to add new fighters (the text is included in the code as an event sheet you can delete if you want); - Included the famous car bonus stage; - (Mobile only) Include block and magic buttons; - (Mobile only) Now there is a 'MP bar' on the game, allowing the fighter to use special attacks only when it is filled; - Reduced the number of frames on idle, high and low attacks (using Ping Pong option); - Minor improvements on the code.

  • 1.4

    Released: 14 May, 2021

    Changes in version 1.4 - Included a text file explaining how to add new fighters (the same text is included on the code as an event sheet you can delete if you want); - Minor improvements on the code.

  • 1.3

    Released: 25 Apr, 2021

    Changes in version 1.3 - Included an extra capx and c3p with a mobile version of the template (only for one player).

  • 1.2

    Released: 13 Mar, 2021

    Changes in version 1.2 - Game may freeze when a character is low blocking and attack at the same time (Fixed)

  • 1.1

    Released: 4 Mar, 2021

    Changes in version 1.1 - Game may freeze when a character is hit by special on Arcade Mode (Fixed)

  • 1.0.0

    Released: 8 Feb, 2021

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If you always dreamed to create a fighting game, this template is for you.

With it, you will be able to create a complete fighting game with its main mechanics.

Don't lose the chace to purchase this high quality template.


  • Construct 2 .CAPX file (commented and well organized);
  • Construct 3 .C3P file (commented and well organized);
  • Folder with all the images used in template.

Template Features:

  • Splash screen with the main controls;
  • Opening scene at the beginning of the game (it plays again after some time on the main menu without pressing any button);
  • Complete main menu, with arcade, versus, options and credits options;
  • Complete fighting game style options menu (time limit, number of rounds and music select);
  • Two language options (English and Portuguese);
  • Key config system, for keyboard an gamepad;
  • Character select system with 5 different fighters (one secret);
  • Stage select after choosing the fighters on Versus mode;
  • Intro for each character before 1st fight on Arcade mode;
  • Versus and Win/Lose screen, showing random victory texts after winning;
  • Ending screen for each character;
  • Complete fight layout, with HP and time limit;
  • Arcade mode advances to the next fighter after you win a fight, without repeating them or choosing the same character as you;
  • Simple AI for the opponent in Arcade mode;
  • Breakable corner objects;
  • Complete attack and block system, with 2 attacks (punch and kick), including low kick that makes the opponent falls and special attacks after entering a combination of keys/buttons;
  • A secret code can be entered on main menu to unlock a new fighter (on keyboard/gamepad version);
  • Touch version with buttons for left and right handed players;
  • Car bonus stage;
  • Includes a text file explaining how to add new fighters;
  • No 3rd party addons;
  • Resolution 320x240 (PC) and 426x240 (Mobile).

Note 1: Versus mode is available only for the PC version of this template (Mobile version has only the Arcade mode).

Note 2: I've included a new zip with this template with 1280x720 screen resolution by rresizing the objects inside the template (it's NOT the real size of the images). More about this on the instructions event sheet.

You can play a game made using the earlier version of this template clicking on "Try in Arcade" button (the graphics and music used in that game aren't included in the template!)

knight199's avatar
knight199 on previous version 1.3
2 years ago

No manual for this but the code is commented.

For those with a good understanding of construct it should be pretty easy to use this and all in all the price is not bad.

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ChrisZero's avatar

Response from seller

2 years ago

Thanks for the review!

I'm planning to add a text file showing how to add more fighters soon, so stay tuned for the next release.

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    7 Jan, 2022

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