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  • hi guys its been a long time since i was back here and stuff

    I have a problem I am trying to create a simple function code for my battle scene similar to most 2d RPG has it and right now its going to have a battlefield with a side view and I have it set up for a random chance of encountering from 1 to a max of 5 enemy and i have the spawn of the enemy just right with the function and positioning on its own.

    My problem is this During the selection scene for attacking or selecting party member And yes i would rather not use menu selecting. I cannot get my Selection target to be over the sprite heads by 64 pixel and to go to the next sprite using a family system so that I do not have to recreate the Selection for every single monster that i add in.

    This is just for the first monster my code works To position to the family "Monster.Y-64" again that work for just one but i cannot move the selection to the next one and also the monster are at different X coor and Y coor

    Is there some kind of varible event system combo that I am not doing right here ? I am at lost to what to try?

    I did try to look at other example but either they have just one enemy or they don't have a similar field that i am trying. If you need games example i can try to find one that has it

  • Hello Gearworkdragon,

    I honestly don't know the answer to your question, but what kind of game are you creating? I'm trying to create a RPG Strategy game as well maybe we can create the game together? sorry I cant help with your question

  • If you can see the Yellow selector on the character head sort of like that and I just want to have the Right arrow to just be able to move to the next sprite GabeA17

  • :update Ok i was able to use a target placer sprite and had it delete the others when enemies are killed or not there.

    I am on pretty much the last piece of code and i cannot figure out where the code is. Basically I need the event to run like this

    event--If all family are variable value = 2 then change all to value=1 ? I cannot find the code for this particular line

    The family variable only check for one not for All at once. And this part is what i am having trouble finding

    and this is to get the target selection to move to the last one and have it reset so that it bounce back toward the first selected.

  • pick all family where variable = 2

    compare picked count with family.count

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  • LittleStain

    You are a genius I was about to use like 20 line of code ... I did get trouble finding the picked count until i realized its in family dot menu. This is a very powerful line of code its like so powerful that its make itself look like batman.

    For those who need help with this bit just use the System compare two value and input the family name and then the Dot

    And for testing purposes Use text box and set the text to the family.pickcount and family.count It made it easy to see how it was picking.

    Again this is a big help for any rpg battle system or least in one way.

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