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  • I a'm looking for others interested in creating an online RPG strategy war game. I have ideas and a layout done i just need a team with more ideas and people wanting to create this game and make it happen. Hope to work with some of yous soon.

  • hello GabeA17,

    I`m frankly new to the game development world. But my desire to develop such game and a little research on game engines I got to the point where I decided Construct 2 is the one. Makes it look easy

    Such game as an RPG requires a LOT of work and resources. You will need People to engage the graphic design part and animation, people to help with the code and people to master your sounds. I am willing to start this project but there are many aspects to discuss. Send me a PM with your email and maybe we can put a plan together and make a sketch of how the game is going to look like, mechanics and other stuff. After we have a plan it will be easier to find artists and convince them to engage with this project.

  • Hello RedNoise been working on rep 500 so i can Private message. almost there. I totally agree with you lots of work and resource for this project. Construct 2 does definitely make it way easier. My email is if it shows is it should also show it on my profile.

  • @GabeA17 What kind of game did you have in mind exactly. Because after a little bit of research I realised that my idea of RPG can`t be done in c2. And even if it does, my knowledge of c2 is so limited that it would take me ages to get where I want.

    My idea was more like a 3D rpg and c2 only does 2D, in best cases with a lot of experience and many hours of work you can get a 2.5D experience(is what I have read on some threads, hope I didn`t misunderstand). So for now this project is on hold for me and going to go trough as many tutorials as I can to improve my knowledge of c2.


  • Hey Gabriel! I saw your introduction post on the forums and your interest in making an RPG. I am willing to help with anything and everything. I just really need experience. Here is the kicker, I dont really have any. I have made small things in GameMaker Studio and have gone through a few Unity tutorials but never really finished a full game. What's your experience like? If we are at a similar level maybe we could work together to learn and collaborate on things?

  • You know, I was actually on RedNoise's profile that led me here. In any case, Do either of you (maybe both?) want to team up on something? At the very least share game ideas and whatnot?

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  • Hi AntiVyral i'm totally done for teaming up. If you have bought the full version then you are set. This software is really easy and great to use. I have lots of Ideas to share as well so hopefully we can make something happen. Out of all the software I've used construct 2 is by far the best one out there. RedNoise It can definitely be a 3D game with the right graphic Designers. I've talked to a few people and they say it can be done. There are hundreds of Plugins and behaviors to download to make the programming even better. The Forums and tutorials will answer all your questions.

  • GabeA17 I haven't purchased the full version yet. Once I get home from this work trip I will download on my home computer and check it out. What sort of experience do you have? I don't really have any so I am down for whatever. What sort of game did you have an idea of making at first? And do you know how construct 2 works with multiple developers?

  • GabeA17

    Well... Like I said before, my experience is limited. Still going trough tutorials and learning how it works. Im doing a small platform game and playing around with events and behaviours to understand how construct works.

    More than happy to team up on a project and help as much as I can on the coding side, but not because I know how to do it. I just want to improve mi skills in c2

    You should have an email from me so we can talk more. But as soon as I unlock the PM function we can chat here on PMs.


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