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  • Thank you all. I understand this is a security issue and I redacted my initial post in a wrong way so I apologize if I sounded like a jerk lol. Guess I learned why many games prompt you to press start before seen the main menu. What I wanted was to show the start game/continue/options menu from the very start, but since it doesn't recognize analog/dpad input unless the player presses other buttons, guess I can't do that. I also was worried about a situation where the player starts playing with the keyboard, but decides to connect their controller while playing the game. Guess I will just settle with the compulsory "press start" and handle any situation separately.

  • Everytime I start the game it wont recognize my gamepad (I'm using an x360 controller) unless I first press A,X,Y or B.

    If anybody knows a way to go around this I would really appreciate it because I dont want to be prompting the player to press a button on the controller just for it to work... That is just awkward.

    Thanks in advance people.

  • I have been running tests on C2 for a Metroid-Metroidvania style platformer. Each layout/background will have an entire region of the game world where the player will explore. The problem I am having is that I am not really sure of how to approach this without losing image quality. I've seen examples of stages of some commercial games like Super Metroid and the Metroidvania style Castlevania games, but I haven't been able to squeeze a background and sprites in a way that it looks as high quality as those games. A map in my game (which is still on its design phase) would look like this example (from Castlevania: Harmony of Dispair):

    Is there a specific resolution to use or any special image modification needed? Up until now I have been using really big images to make the effect and keep the quality at the same time and it looks good, but I am well aware about that not been a good practice so I am now trying this "make everything smaller and zoom with the viewport" approach. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Ok that was what I was pondering right now it seems there is no generic "pick" event that chooses the uid of whatever object collided with hero guess I will have to handle them separately. Thx

  • I want to make an event where when the main character collides with an enemy it destroys it so I am trying the following:

    Event if enemy A collides with hero


    Event if enemy B collides with hero


    Event if enemy C collides with hero

    THEN store that enemy UID

    Sub event if hero animation is "attack"

    THEN pick and destroy that enemy using the stored UID.

    Thing is I can't find any way to pick that enemy's UID generically (regardless of the type of enemy A, B or C) I know that this can be achieved by making separate events for each enemy, but I find that to be too redundant.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated :D

    Thanks in advance

  • I am having the same problem too and even with OR it fails to change animations when moving. Top down shooter, the object has custom movement behavior and moves forwards or backwards (up and down arrows) in the direction it is facing (angle).

    Also tried:

    -Pinning it to a collision object (like in the tutorials)

    -Giving it 8 direction behavior

    -Putting the animation change at start layout to try and force it

    Still it wont change.

  • Saw one of the examples, the one with lasers and it made the trick, thx man. I have to read the examples more thoroughly

  • Right now it is kind of working although not that elegant of a fix. It looks like this (the object now has custom movement behavior)

    Bullet|Visible -> Accelerate X to Player.Angle...

    Its seems that because of the delay that acceleration causes in the object's movement it has no time to change angle when the player does.

  • I did as the ppl in the topic did and the scrolling works well when the screen is the same size as the layout. In my case the screen is smaller than the layout and that causes a gap to appear between the two objects that are scrolling.

    To be precise those two objects are two rectangles which represent the sea which is supposed to scroll to the left (simulating the ship moving at a great speed).

  • I making some tests. Making a top view shooter (picture the bird's eye view stages on Contra), but I have a problem, I want the bullets to go in the direction the player is pointing its gun.

    I managed to make them change their angle so they move in the desired direction, but if I move the player (rotation) then all the bullets on screen change their angle as well.

    Is there a way to make the bullet angle change only when it first spawns or at least treat all bullets as separate instances instead of a whole?

  • Hello ppl!

    1)The square made of intermittent lines on the canvas, can it be bigger? I am making a scrolling shooter and that area seems to be too small to fit player and enemies without sacrificing details. Just wanted to know if it can be done and if so, how?

    2)If I plan to make stages on a big scope (giant scrolling stages as in famous platformer games) can it be done without making too many layouts? Does construct support this? I mean one giant hi-res image where I move the player through.

    Thanks in advance people ^^

  • Never mind, the buttons do exist but are invisible for some reason a bug perhaps.

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  • They just seem to be missing from the animation editor. Based on all the tutorials I've read they are supposed to be on the left hand side of the editor but they aren't. Any help will be appreciated since using the default collision detection is extremely limiting.

    BTW, version I'm using is r82

  • 13 posts