How do I bypass the browser gamepad tracking thing?

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  • Everytime I start the game it wont recognize my gamepad (I'm using an x360 controller) unless I first press A,X,Y or B.

    If anybody knows a way to go around this I would really appreciate it because I dont want to be prompting the player to press a button on the controller just for it to work... That is just awkward.

    Thanks in advance people.

  • Players need to press a button before the controller can be recognized.

    As far as I know, no workaround for that.

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  • "I dont want to be prompting the player to press a button on the controller just for it to work"

    As far as I know, that is what many games do - prompt for input. Ever hear of a start screen?

  • There are security measures in place which make it so the button has to be pressed to start. It won't be awkward for players because it has to be done for every game.

  • Thank you all. I understand this is a security issue and I redacted my initial post in a wrong way so I apologize if I sounded like a jerk lol. Guess I learned why many games prompt you to press start before seen the main menu. What I wanted was to show the start game/continue/options menu from the very start, but since it doesn't recognize analog/dpad input unless the player presses other buttons, guess I can't do that. I also was worried about a situation where the player starts playing with the keyboard, but decides to connect their controller while playing the game. Guess I will just settle with the compulsory "press start" and handle any situation separately.

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