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  • In my top-down game I have made animations for when the player is walking, however this animation is not playing. It is set to play on the default tags for walking and standing.

    The .cad file:

  • Hmm, no joy downloading this.. Mediafire keeps saying it's processing my download request .

  • Hmm, mediafire is playing up for me aswell...

    How's this?

  • Your player sprite is separate from your hitbox sprite, that's why it's not working. The hitbox has the 8Dir behavior applied to it. It's that behavior that checks for animation tags to apply to the sprite it's assigned to. There is (as of yet) no way to share that tag information with another sprite, so your player sprite isn't getting any command to change animation.

    You'll have to make your animations work with events.

  • I tried doing that. I set it to check if w, a, s or d is held down and then change the animation to walking. I also made another event to check if these keys aren't held down, and then change the animation back to standing. But it didn't do anything.

  • I added a bit where it checks if W, A, S, or D is held down and then changes the animation and it worked fine. Here's what I did:


    +Key W is Down


    +Key A is Down


    +Key S is Down


    +Key D is Down

    -Player Set Animation to "Walking"



    -Player Set Animation to "Standing"

  • Oh, I see my problem now. The event was checking to see if wasd were all down together.

    Thanks for your help.

    edit: How do I do the OR and ELSE things in an event?

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  • They're conditions in the System object.

  • Great, the animation works now. One problem though, it doesn't stop when I release the keys.

    I have my event set out just like linkman said, with the else being a sub-event.

  • The ELSE is actually supposed to be the event just below the other event, not a subevent of that event. ELSE statements are always the event after the event that's using it. Sorry for the confusion there.

  • It works! Thanks so much for your help, I've learned alot about construct

  • Glad I could help.

  • I am having the same problem too and even with OR it fails to change animations when moving. Top down shooter, the object has custom movement behavior and moves forwards or backwards (up and down arrows) in the direction it is facing (angle).

    Also tried:

    -Pinning it to a collision object (like in the tutorials)

    -Giving it 8 direction behavior

    -Putting the animation change at start layout to try and force it

    Still it wont change.

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