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  • I would like to share an aware of some people here and it include myself.

    To improve the participation, we have earned the right to play with the reputation, and we have used it as hobby to earn points for helping someone else.

    But, I'm watching everyday more people with huge amount of Rep and never posted any single topic, any tutorial and ahead.

    Like this guy: with 10k of Rep and 0 posts, 0 games, 0 tutorials..

    So, We could ask, why it's happening? This guy, who never posted, never contributed, can have the access to edit tutorials and other guys, who is frequently participating here can't, for example (I don't know if it's still valid, because I can't, lol).

    Any update is programmed to repair the rep system?

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  • Wow, that is a lot of rep for someone who appears to have barely interacted with the site at all - and was apparently only active for less than a month two years ago. Seems like a bug. Tom?

  • Well , I think it's a glitch with the site , Mina and Tokinsom got this glitch too , now they are at the top of the list ...

  • Yeah, if you look at the people on the front page, 10 out of 25 are bogus, and 3 of the top 5. I didn't even bother to check page 2 (nope, I took a quick peek, and number 26 is bogus, too). Poor Rory, SoldjahBoy, Yann, etc.!

    We've actually talked about it before on the forums, and there was at least one major site glitch that gave people a badge every time they refreshed a page, and there are clearly a few other instances of the bizarre at work. I imagine cleaning this up is one of those things the dev team has on their well-padded to-do list. =P

    1. Ashley

    2. RockmanZero (156 Dedicated badges, aka 13 years on a 15-month account)

    3. Kyatric

    4. Inf3rnal (89 Dedicated badges on a 16-month account)

    5. Mina (286 Devotee badges on an 18-month account)

    6. Tom

    7. Velojet

    8. newt

    9. squiddster

    10. Jailson (190 Devotee badges in an 18-month account)

    11. Tokimsom (156 Devotee badges on a 3-year account)

    12. Monchild (99 Dedicated badges on a 16-mo acct)

    13. Arima

    14. Zetar (172 Devotee badges in a 40-mo acct)

    15. gammabeam

    16. SocialLie

    17. lucid

    18. Weishaupt

    19. deadeye

    20. kemosabe (total fraud? posted once, visited site once, 10.6K rep w/ no apparent reason)

    21. Bigheti (technically possible but weird)

    22. rexrainbow

    23. Mipey

    24. marcog (176 Devotee badges on a 13-month account)

    25. edisone

  • I think I'm going to tackle this next. The new tutorials section is basically complete, so I'll be working on rep this week.

  • Tom

    Good on you. I'm looking forward to being moved up the list - just behind you ;)

    PS Thanks for all your work on the Tutorial section - HUGE improvements!


    And thanks to you for taking the time to do such a thorough and highly helpful analysis of reps - hopefully, Tom's revision will result in your making the Top 25!

  • I'm glad it was informative, As for my place on the chart, I'm cool working my up, and there are a lot of legendarily valuable community members well ahead of me I won't/shouldn't be catching any time soon. =P

  • You can see current progress of new rep system here:

    Rep amounts are test values for now.

  • Rep: 1977 lollllll

    I'm curious about how it will work, anyway, nice job Tom, thank you a lot!

  • Tom,

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look! I understand the categories and values are just placeholders, but it's still cool to see even in a preliminary fashion which behaviors and effects are considered for rep.

    It would really skew things toward a few people in particular, but I wonder if it's possible to capture some of the extra value users like Yann and R0J0hound provide (just to pick two). It might not, and they already have a ton of rep from just posting, but really, when I make a post, let's say most of the time it has a value to the community of 1, and occasionally a 2 or 3, and the odd 4 or 5, on a scale of 1-5. I'd say at least half the time either of them post, they're hitting 4s and 5s, and their lesser posts are 2s and 3s.

    It's going to be impossible to truly quantify a user's actual, "real-life" reputation on the site, and the rep system would probably break if we could upvote forum posts, because every time Yann or R0J0hound plops off a page-long string of events with an accompanying capx, 300 users are all going to click with reckless abandon.

    I wouldn't have any idea how to express in Rep the intangible value a friendly, welcoming, but technically non-savvy user brings, who nonetheless makes the site a desirable hangout for other users and who elevates the reputation of the Scirra/Construct brand.

    Hm, what if you could "favorite" users in general, separately from tutorials? Sure, it would blow up Kyatric/Yann/R0J0/etc., but it would stabilize quickly thereafter and maybe capture some of those intangibles.

  • upvoting for a post, or a simple "Thank you" button would be sufficient to increase the post valor, didn't?

  • It would accomplish that, but it would also put users on vastly different scales of rep. Right now there's a reasonable rep distribution wherein there's a gradual and pretty common-sense progression from the most casual users up through Kyatric. (Ashley's obviously a very special case.)

    Users like Yann and R0J0 provide continual, high-quality content on the forums: even if they only received 1 rep per "like" or "thanks," they'd receive a base of 2 points per post, plus on average 5-10 additional rep (because sometimes only one person would hit "thanks" and other times 350 users would all hit it).

    If retroactively applied, I could see Yann going from 7K to an absolute minimum of 12K -- and maybe that's fair, but unless he drops off the planet, we would see a few users with stratospheric and untouchable rep. That's not necessarily wrong, but it's the sort of thing Tom and Ashley consider whenever they rebalance rep.

    With the "Favorite User" option, there would be that huge initial jump as 80 people all add the ten most helpful people on the site, but it might fairly reflect the additional value they bring, and there would be a gentle but steady progression after that as new users join and recognize their contributions.

  • Right, I've re-written MOST of the rep code. The only thing left to do is badges and badge rep.

    Everyone's rep at this stage has been recalculated. When I've finished the badges and badge rep, I'll create pages showing a report of where all your rep has come from and other better supporting pages.

  • Tom - I'm guessing the sudden drop in my rep is due to the rewrite? I was at around 415 or so this morning, looking forward to finally getting over 500... now I'm down to 65 :P

  • This page explains your rep:

    I've had a look at yours, it all seems to be OK. As previously mentioned the rep system was quite buggy so a lot of people had rep they shouldn't of had.

    I forgot to add the initial starting rep (100) so will be adding that in now. So your actual rep should be 167.

    If you spot something that doesn't look right or correct, let me know and I'll investiage further.

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