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  • Tom - Sure thing. Thank you.

    I was the third fastest.

  • Tom: it looks to me like the "Quick draw" badge is having issue atm.

    I wasn't awarded it for r127 (or at least it wasn't reported in my alerts) and a nickname appears three times in the list on the changelog page.

  • It's only here or Our "Supporter" badges are gone?

  • TELLES0808: Early adopter and licensee badges have been only visible in the "My profile" page for quite some months now I think.

  • No rush but the postcard badge isn't appearing on my profile (Greetings from the "Okanagan Valley"; confirmation message was received April 23rd). I've been noticing that I haven't been earning any new backer badges on my profile, such as the devotee badge even though today it says I've visited for 15 consecutive days. Its the badges I care more about than rep. I waited until now to bring it up because I saw that the system was being worked on.

    Thanks in advance if it gets fixed. I'll go back to lurking the forum now.

  • Hello!

    You now have your profile badge! Sorry for not giving it to you straight away!

    Things still left to do:

    • Show badges on avatars across website
    • Fix quickdraw/lightning draw badges

    I think that's it for now, let me know if I've missed anything. Sorry everyone for the delays, we have a lot going on at the moment behind the scenes which need our immediate attention. We're also in the process of moving to a much faster and more powerful server which is complicated!

    Thank you all for your patience.

  • Tom , i noticed that in the last 4/5 days my profile states "last active:online now", even when i'm not logged in, for me this is not a problem, but maybe this can be a usefull information for you to clean some bug.

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  • Ok thanks for the report

  • Tom - I'm guessing that you've attempted a resolution to my recent badge issue, but it seems to have generated a small(er) problem as a result. *chuckles* I'll go double-check, but to my knowledge I have only downloaded a new release among the top three ONCE...and never as a Quick Draw the rest of the time. So I should still have only one Lightning Draw and zero Quick Draw badges. Right now it's showing that I have two Quick Draw badges. This second QD badge appeared just recently within the last two or three releases, but I'm positive I wasn't among the top 15 at all. Sorry for the extra trouble...I know you're working on it as best you can.

  • Hi! Sorry, haven't been any changes to quick draw badges. Me and Ash are both away this weekend, but I'll take a proper look at it when I get back.

  • Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here...

    Tom - I don't know if it's an issue, but I got no account alerts for the last two bages I earned.

    They were added to my rep points, and the badges page lists them, so everything is fine there.

    If it makes any difference: "Commentator" and "Manual Graduate" were given to me. and I guess another one, when I post this.^^ (Win8 x64, CoolNovo(Chromium-based))

  • It's because I'm super dedicated. ;)

    Seriously though. Rep system is extremely glitched.

  • Tom, The system still glitched, as you can see, on the Inf3rnal profile, he is still visiting the site by 3700 days without any breakout.

  • For Hyperactive, Fanatic, and other count-based badges, are we still required to skip a day to reset them, or has the site been changed so that after 25 updates, you automatically start in on the Updater badge?

    It's a bit off-putting to have to deliberately not post for a day, not visit the site for a day, skip an update, etc.

  • I'm officially hyperactive. =P I Off to check the counter status ...

    ... Day 2 of new streak. Fixed, great!

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