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290 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 2 animations for use in your project!

    We do get asked this from time to time - it's just not going to be added in I'm afraid as the accounting would get extremely complex. I know it sounds easy to do, but it introduces a lot of really difficult problems. There will never be enough demand for this to make it worth my time to implement I'm afraid.

    Just released search for the asset store, will be adding more filters + improving responsive design going forwards.



    I have put in 3 movieslots

    removing first movie, press update, movies update correct

    putting that first movie url in 3rd slot, press update

    3rd slot url jumps back to first

    swithing directly video1 url with video 3 url and press update

    url also revert again

    can you please check this..

    sprites - effects

    don't support jpg upload,

    i don't really see why, they are usefull for previews and small filesize

    any case i'm using jpg for my basic readme/helpfiles, possible to add support?

    Effects now allows jpg. This was a mistake, if you run into any other extensions not permitted just let me know and I'll add them in.

    RE video ordering, this is fixed for next upload.

    New update out so video ordering should now work

    Tom I'm not seeing any issues with downloading assets now. Thank you.

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    Is there any chance to get .cdr & .eps to the file extension list? They're a vector file formats

    Btw, I still wonder why there are very limited file type allowed in the first place.

    pzUH what category for specifically please?

    They are not allowed in the first place because categories operate on a strict white-list of permitted extensions. I'm not familiar with all file types, so if some are missing I need to be told so I can add them in.


    more from this seller,

    on screen with 4 column wide, there are not enough thumbs, should be 8


    since yesterday i get an page error everytime i preview an asset page in incomplete assets

    vtrix thanks, fixed for next upload

    Hey I'm not sure if it'S been fixed but I gave someone a promo code last week and they weren'T able to use it


    issue i had was fixed, thanx

    want to make a remark about the splash cropper, it feels like the result is very unsharp compared to the original, (some images look worse then others) is there some setting that maybe is too strict, compression to high maybe...

    also there is a limit for 700kb and not for normal screenshots, so i started to use jpg, but the cropper probably re-compresses it again, but it seems that this limit should be higher (maybe 1Mb)

    maybe size of the source-image is also a factor, i guess i'm still looking for the best result..

    The Cheapest filter doesn't seem to work. The values seem to be random.

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