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290 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 2 animations for use in your project!

    Payout info?

    I can't find in the new seller account where we have our PayPal info for cashouts. I assume this is coming, but wanted to be sure.

    There's something wonky with my template/arcade links. Re: store: 458 and arcade: 24264

    If I view the store item, the arcade link is missing, but if I find the arcade item, and click on the store link, it gets me there but the arcade link doesn't show. However, it might show if I refresh. Then I follow the link, but the banner at the top (arcade) says it's not published. But I refresh, and now the banner goes away and cycle starts over again.

    I thought it was a caching issue, but I can repeat the same thing on a browser that never went near the items previously.

    sbucci you can request cashouts here:

    blackhornet I can't reproduce this - can you show screenshots?

    VAT: could you please give an example (in numbers) on how is VAT going to be charged in a sale. In the store it mentions "The VAT is added to the price of the item so your revenue share is minimally affected." I just sold an asset and my final revenue is less than 50% (your cut is 30%, so 20% in other charges??). Looks like the seller is stil paying the VAT

    I'm trying to figure out the numbers but they just don't add up

    EDIT: nevermind, I was getting confused because there a too many currency exchanges involved.. In the old scirra store we used to set the price in POUNDS, now is in DOLLARS, and the final report is in POUNDS, plus the currency exchanges...Got me confused.

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    That's OK, all the splits are worked out in the currency the purchase was in. Then when your share is calculated, it converts it to your seller balance which is in GBP.

    :) Not doing it any more - guess it sorted itself out.

    Is it confirmed that I need to reupload the assets to new store? No automatic transfer?

    I have over 100 game assets on old stores, and wonder how painful to reupload all of them :(

    I'm afraid so, there's so many changes it's not possible to port them over and also the asset licensing terms are slightly different.

    Hey congrats for the new market. Things look a lot more freshunderlined text.

    However I don't understand the file type limitation.

    I have animations done inside Spine which is an animation software. But Scirra or construct 3 marketplace only accepts animations done with Spriter. So basically I can not upload my 10+ assets because they are done in Spine.

    That's OK, if you let me know the file extensions in your pack (if you upload it it will show an error with them listed) and I can add it to the category.

    Great !

    I need the following file extensions


    .atlas (also generated by spine)






    db and dbproj are file extensions of Dragonbones animation software. I have couple of assets done with it.

    Should be good to go now!

    Under which category can I upload the new file types?

    If I choose "Sprites" it only gives me i bmp capx gif jpeg jpg pdf png psd scml scon svg txt

    can you add .pyxel files for pyxel edit source files

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